The Hawaii County Humane Society agreement is renewed this year and we need to make know changes we want to see written into the New Contract.

This contract costs taxpayers over 1.9 million per year. The contract has has changed little over the years.

Animal control - Euthaizing - Kill is still the primary answer to problems.

Year after year this mind set has not changed our community, still the inhumane treatment of Big Island dogs, cats and other animals continues.

There are new techiniques that have been working in other areas and it is time to put them to work here.

Please contact your representative to ask for these changes to be made:

Presently the contract fails cats because it does not mandate they be treated fairly as dogs are in terms of providing equal amount of kennel space as dogs have.

Also, dogs have at least a 24 hour holding period before being euthanized. Cats can be euthanized as soon as their paws enter their facility.

In fact, we strongly request that the hold period for any healthy animal brought in, cat or dog, be mandated to a minimum of 36 hours or longer before they are considered to be euthanized!   Did you know that a scared petrified pet cat’s behavior might mimic a wild feral cat and because of that could be euthanized immediately before the pet owner can claim their precious pet?

Almost weekly we have calls asking us to take in their cats because they are moving off island or for other reasons and know if they take the cat in to our Humane Society they will be killed because there is no mandated hold time for cats and limited kennel space for these felines.  The friendliest and prettiest felines are most likely held for adoption.  This is, indirectly and possibly in part, the reason why so many cats are being abandoned in our community.  Sadly people think the cat has a better chance to survive living off of rats in the wild than being taken to any of the County humane society’s facility. Cats are very domesticated and probability will starve to death when abandoned. 

We also ask for increase Spay /Neuter opportunities, Truly Low Cost / NO COST. This is the most HUMANE way to Reduce Animal Over Population. The current method of euthanizing 1,000 animals a month to reduce the population has been in place for years and years, and does not improve our Community's Aloha for Animals in anyway.

Increased: Education, No Cost Spay/neuter, Care & Concern for the betterment of animals lives is what we asked to be added to the New Contract. Mahalo.

Our County Council Members are:

Hilo Council  Office  (Districts 1 - 9)
25 Aupuni Street, Suite 1402, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-8225 | Fax: (808) 961-8912

District 1 - Valerie T. Poindexter - (808) 961-8018

District 2 - Aaron Chung (808) 961-8272

District 3 -Dennis “Fresh” Onishi (808) 961-8396

District 4 - Greggor Ilagan (808) 965-2712

District 5 - Daniel K. Paleka, Jr.: (808) 961-8026

District 6 - Maile David (808) 323-4277


District 7 - Dru Mamo Kanuha  (808) 323-4267

Distric 8 - Karen Eoff  (808) 323-4280


District 9 - Margaret Wille  (808) 887-2069