Hui Pono Holoholona's First Spay and Neuter Clinc

February 15, 2009

Everyone is excited and preparing for a long day of work.

getting ready
Everyone is scrambling to get the stations ready.


chatting more 

Having a quick chat before the work begins.  It'll be a long but productive day ladies!
waiting room
Our patients waiting to undergo surgery while our volunteers watch over them.


Here Vivian is preparing the patient for surgery by clearing away unnecessary hair from the operation area.


These lovely volunteers are cleaning up the fleas on this poor kitty. Not to worry, HPH is here to help!


A couple of volunteers taking a quick break to smile for the camera.

Thank you Doctor

Thank you Dr. for making this happen. We couldn't have done it without your generous donation of your time and skills.


Don't worry. She'll be ok! And she'll thank HPH later when she recovers for making her life a better one.

cleaning crew

The cleaning crew took care of cleaning up the patients after they had gone through surgery.

couple more left

The recovery station where the animals are able to rest and heal.


funny times

We at HPH are always having fun while helping animals. Laughter is a very common thing here!