Hui Pono Holoholona

Volume 1, Issue 3
October 2008

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Highlights of September 14 Membership Meeting

Class C Felony-Animal Abuse Banner — Fern Acres Subdivision (pictured in July/August newsletter).  Judy & Colleen will pursue having similar banners in their subdivisions. 

Sack N Save — support free animal Spay/Neuter by donating to our 501(c), via Sack N Save grocery store for the month of September. 

Judy — HPH needs to make a list of potential investor companies like Morris & Millions to help support our mission, including reaching out into the community to teach better pet care.

Further discussion — How do we get the word out about HPH?  How do we educate people? 

Judy B. suggested a banner with the saying, “It’s no Paradise for us !!!  We are the unwanted – Please help us.”  Judy’s suggestion is right on target.   We will purchase a banner to fly at various locations.

Bumper stickers also suggested with HPH logo/information, further cost research needed.

Satu — Heartland trap is not reliable as the front latch spring does not always lock shut and the cats just push on the trap door and escape.  See photo.

Satu has 2 Siamese looking feline siblings that need a good home.    They have been S/N, and tested.  Please call her at 966-9682.

Our talented artist: Mr. Brian Revell is helping us with the caricatures to represent Hui (the dog) and Pono (the cat).  The drawings will be used to help kids associate better care for their pets.  Possible puppets in their likeness are forthcoming. 

PayPal is coming to HPH.  Direct donations can be made and eventually purchase of T-Shirts, etc.

Special thanks to Wal-Mart’s Shawna Melendez, Pet Food Department Manager:  Much needed dog food went directly to Tasha ‘Ohana Sanctuary. 

Special Note — Tasha ‘Ohana Sanctuary is in need of materials, donations of kennels, pet beds, traps, etc., including dog and cat food.  Building supplies too.  Money donations always appreciated.TOP

Highlights of September 14 Membership Meeting

First East Side Spay/Neuter Clinic

Mahalo To All For Successful Spay-Neuter Clinic

Support October 16 as National Cat Feral Day with TNRM

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ASPCA 24-hour

First East Side Spay/Neuter Clinic by Sandi Alstrand

On Sunday, September 28, a dream I have had for a few years was realized. We successfully managed a Spay/Neuter clinic on the East side of the island! With the help of many friends and cat lovers, we were able to spay and neuter 15 cats.

I had a lot of encouragement from other like-minded animal advocates and after gaining experience from a few AdvoCATS clinics, I knew that I could pull this off.  I was given the name and number of Dr. Kim Kozuma who lives in Hilo and was ready and willing to participate in a clinic for us.  Kim is a vet who works part time at Aloha Veterinary in Hilo and has participated in AdvoCATS clinics in Kona.  Finding a location was more difficult.  I thought the office of the First Church of Religious Science in Paradise Park would be perfect for a first clinic where we could do a smaller number of cats.  I got permission from Reverend Tag Taggert and the location was set.  The rest of the steps involved coordinating with AdvoCATS, Dr. Kozuma and the center for a date, notifying people of the clinic, and buying materials.


I really have to thank AdvoCATS for their expertise and assistance.  Roberta sent all the written material so we had a guide to follow; they donated some of the surgical materials that have to be purchased in Waimea, and they let us use their surgical instruments.  Dr. Seeske of Kilauea Veterinary donated the anesthesia drugs, Advantage, eye ointment, IV solution and lines, needles, and other things needed as well.  And last of all, thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time and skills.  The atmosphere at the clinic was relaxed and congenial, and everyone was there to participate and to learn.  I was impressed with everyone’s willingness to step in and learn how to clean ears, give IV fluids, check for microchips, and even take care of Dr. Kozuma’s baby girl!  Thank you also to Renee, Dene (vet technicians) and Hugh (RN) for their expertise.


I see this as a great beginning.  Together we will continue to make a difference in reducing the population of feral and stray cats on the East side!TOP



Mahalo To All For Successful Spay-Neuter Clinic by Frannie Pueo

A dream became a reality with Sandi Alstrand's free Spay & Neuter Clinic, the very first here on the Puna side, kicking off October Feral Cat Month, and saving lives by supporting Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage. 

I want to thank Sandi for inviting me, along with HPH, to participate, and for making this clinic possible by coordinating with Dr. Kim Kozuma, who contributed her time and skills, and Reverend “Tag,” who allowed the clinic to be at his church office.

Mahalo goes to all those volunteers who made Sandi's clinic a reality.  It was their commitment of time and/or supplies that made this clinic flow with ease & harmony, and made it so successful.  The 15 feline patients (eight females and seven males) all did just fine.  If I have missed your name from this list, please let me know.   

Mahalo to Dr. Seeske who contributed the anesthesia and other supplies, and to Kona AdvoCATS who loaned us their surgery/instrument S/N packets. Also from Kona AdvoCATS, Jan Abbott & Bee Henderson came with their expertise and clinic organization skills, which made our jobs so much easier.  

Mahalo continues to volunteers Larry and Vivian Toellner, Linda Schock, Judy Bird, Rosemary Karlsson, Dene Rawlings, Renee Katada, Teresa Ruiz, Hugh Forehead, Vikki Stenlake, Denis Alstrand, D. Gilmore, Coleen Egbert, and, of course, to Dr. Kozuma and her children Jade, and baby Emma.  Without each person there, this clinic could not have been so successful.  

God bless you all for your caring hearts, and for being part of this mighty first Spay & Neuter Clinic here in Puna. Your actions spoke volumes in commitment to the animals, showing the need for better treatment of animals in a community that is starting to question the endless and senseless roundup of healthy animals for killing, that change is necessary, and that change is to implement T-N-R-M for cat colonies.  Free Spay & Neuter Clinics save animal’s lives!

Frannie Pueo is president of Hui Pono Holoholona. TOP

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Support October 16 as National Cat Feral Day with TNRM by Frannie Pueo

October 16 is National Cat Feral Day – please support a Trap – Neuter – Return – Manage program (TNRM) in your neighborhood.  TNRM is effective in reducing the number of unwanted births.  Colony management is humane and compassionate, with built-in natural rat control.  TNRM does not decrease bird and wildlife populations (true causes are habitat loss, pollution, pesticides, drought, and volcanic conditions), but does reduce taxpayer dollars spent on animal intake, housing, handling, feeding, killing and body disposal.   Supporting TNRM changes our society from kill to care.   

It’s not the animal’s fault that they became feral, abandoned, or strayed.  The ownership of this belongs to all of us humans.  We are supposed to be more intelligent and caring, with access to research data, and guardians of this earth.   Over the years, sadly their bodies lay in our landfills by the hundred thousands, healthy animals who, through no fault of their own, were killed because there were not enough homes for them.  Our community lacks a truly affordable spay & neuter program for all and currently does not embrace TNRM programs.   

Did you know that you have no voice to express your concerns about HIHS to an independently hired advocate for the animals or ombudsman.  Did you know there is no holding time for cats, which means that your lost cat could be euthanized before it could be claimed?  Did you know that kittens under 2 pounds are automatically euthanized.  Did you know what the animal numbers are at HIHS?    You should, because it’s your two million plus tax dollars that is being used by HIHS.  It’s the biggest county budget and you should have a say, particularly since the ongoing kill numbers range between 60 and 80 percent.  This is the only business that I am aware of that arbitrarily kills most of its clients. The numbers below are outrageous, and unacceptable, so please speak up!  






































Kea'au 238 550
Kona 77 204
Waimea 38 32
Kea'au 212 444
Kona 78 183
Waimea 78 183
Kea'au 201 406
Kona 64 288
Waimea 55 78

No need for rocket science here, we need a better and truly affordable Spay & Neuter program open, without restrictions, to all.  One way to save taxpayer monies, Veterinarian Statue 471 allows sponsorship, which means a mainland veterinarian (under a Hawaii State licensed veterinarian) could come here on vacation, perform free spay and neuter clinics, and write off part of their vacation as a business trip.  It could be a real win-win situation for the animals and for our community.   

National Cat Feral Day is October 16, and Hui Pono Holoholona asks you to re-think the killing and begin saving lives.  It’s no paradise for dogs and cats here on this island, but through education and better spay & neuter programs, we can make a difference.  Data shows animal overpopulation leads to animal abuse, and a strong correlation between animal abuse and women/child/elder abuse.  Mahatma Gandhi said it the best, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how its animals are treated.” 

Let us reclaim our paradise, for the animals, and for ourselves. TOP

 Hui Pono Holoholona

P.O. Box 943
Mountain View, HI 96771

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