HPH- (Punahele) Newsletter June 2008.

Aloha Everyone

1. J Here Ye, Here Ye J our newsletter has a name - PUNAHELE NEWSLETTER.

Punahele means favorite or a pet. All animals: horses, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, etc., whether in the wild, domestic abandon, strays, lost, or feral. All animals deserve our respect, kindness, consideration, and humane care and treatment. And, at times to be treated as special - Punahele seems very appropriate.

2. July 4th – Volcano. 0815 to help set up the booth/table. 0845 we need people who want to be in the parade to meet at the Post Office. Bring your cell phone. Vivian is the p.o.c. her # 345-2753.

Plus, Laurie Lannan owner of Tasha Ohana Animal Sanctuary with her volunteers will be walking dogs that need adoption and possibly a punahele pig as well.

3. Mark your calendar for our Wal-Mart datesJuly 20, Aug 3, Sept 7, Oct 5 from 0900 –200pm. All Sundays. We need at least 2 people at the tables, and if you can just give us an hour or two to help relieve one of us would be greatly appreciated. Great opportunity to meet other animal loving people that want to make a positive difference as well.

4. Mark your calendar for HPH Yard Sale(s) - July 26, and August 23. Where? Keaau Village Market Place. From 0800 – 2:00 pm. Right across from the Keaau Ace Hardware. This is the best time for spring cleaning, are you tired of dusting those knick –knacks items –donate to our yard sale including those kitchen items of pots and pans, utensils, etc., wall pictures, frames, what ever – you got it, we will sell it. All monies pays for these dog and cats spay & neuters.

5. Welcome to Eagles, they believe in TNRM (Trap, neuter, return, manage), we are helping in getting their cat colonies sterilized.

6. Corrine Stefanko and Didi Sabate of Honomu Jams and Jellies, from Akaka Falls Farms will be having their regular logo label as well as a special designed cat label. Hui Pono Holoholona will be receiving $1.00 from each sale of those special kitty jam/jelly jars. Not on sale yet, will let you know. Running a new business – needs customers, so show your support and buy, its really very good.

7. I have the HIHS numbers and if you would like a copy please send me a self address stamped envelope to Frannie Pueo, P.O. Box 943, Mt. View, Hi 96771. Now if you ever wondered how important your support/work is, here are some figures.

                HIHS 2005 – Intake 14,633, Redeem 1,043, Adopt 2,161, Animals Euthanized 11,351
                In June 05, just one months figures at Keaau: 238 dogs, and 550 cats were euthanized.
                In June 05, just one months figures at Kona: 77 dogs, and 204 cats were euthanized.
                In June 05, just one months figures at Waimea: 38 dogs, and 32 cats were euthanized.

    HIHS 2006 – Intake 13,975, Redeem 1,984, Adopt 2,145, Animals Euthanized 9,728
    In June 06, just one months figures at Keaau: 212 dogs, and 444 cats were euthanized.
    In June 06, just one months figures at Kona: 78 dogs, and 183 cats were euthanized.
    *In June 06, just one months figures at Waimea: 78 dogs, and 183 cats were euthanized.
    {?Please note the same figures are listed on this report as same for Kona and Waimea).

            HIHS 2007 – Intake 14,600, Redeem 974, Adopt 2,587, Animals Euthanized 10,922
            In June 07, just one months figures at Keaau: 201 dogs, and 406 cats were euthanized.
            In June 07, just one months figures at Kona: 64 dogs, and 288 cats were euthanized.
            In June 07, just one months figures at Waimea: 55 dogs, and 78 cats were euthanized.  

Just a note on the figures for 2006. As many of you know and helped with our petition for no cost and truly affordable spay and neuter petition that was circulated island wide. From that, over 5,000 people signed, resulting in Mayor Kim and County Council Bob Jacobson listening giving each $25,000 from there contingence fund to HIHS spay and neuter budget. (Increasing it from $50,000 to $100,000.)

Remarkable, I found that many people did not know about the HIHS discounted coupons, and others were waiting for a notice to be put in the paper which HIHS "used to do". All of us that worked in getting the word out, (AdvoCats, Arch, individual animal caring people, really made the difference for the animals. We got out there and talked story on the importance of spay/neuter, we got the word out about these discounted coupons.

It was because of that, that the euthanasia figure dropped to 9,728. The saying is if you make it available people will come, and it proved so. In Feb of 2006, at the Keaau facility, people were waiting in lines before HIHS opened. All of the discounted coupons allotted for February sold out, and days later people were still being turned away. It had become a common site at this facility in the months to come, that is, until HIHS raised their discounted coupon fees, and from that, two veterinarian clinics then raised their spay/neuter charges based on HIHS increase.

I will never understand how a company that is getting a contract worth millions, winds up killing most of its customers.

Never give up, its too important and the animals need us. How can you help? Come to our events at Wal-Mart, at the yard sales, and to our meetings held every 2nd Sunday of the month at the Keaau Village Market Place at 1000 am.

So hope to be seeing you this July 13, 1000am, at the Keaau Village Market Place/ HPH General Meeting J .

Always with Aloha,