July/August 2008




Pretty important—they help pay for the cost of Spay/Neuter, and other medical costs such as heat/pregnancy, combo testing, antibiotics, etc.


For the month of June 2008, expenses HPH paid for were:  12 spays (females) and 7 neuters (males) for a total of 19 cats.  Cost $1,158.38.  For the month of July 2008, expenses HPH paid for were:  11 spays (females) and 4 neuters (males) for a total of 14 cats/1dog.  Cost $1,029.72.   In 2 months, we did 33 felines, and 1 dog, which equals approximately 13,860,000 unwanted feline offspring and 78,167 unwanted canine offspring prevented humanely.


HPH wants to do more, but lack of funds is the determining factor.  HPH this month is writing for grant monies; in the meantime, this is how you can help:


·          For our yard sales – please donate your good items.  Knickknacks, pots/pans, pictures, and old jewelry are good sellers, or any other items you feel we could sell.

·          Recycle your HI-5s (glass/plastic bottles) at any of the recycle centers and ask to donate that money to HPH as we are registered as a 501(c)(3) and on their list of recipients.  In July 2008, HPH received $23.68 from your recycles.   Every time you dedicate your recycles to HPH, you are helping the animals.

·          In the month of September, purchase your food items at Sack N Save to participate in Give Aloha, Foodland’s Annual Community Matching Gifts Program.  Details are on the website.





We now have a “stories” section on the HPH web site and want pet or animal stories that you would like to share.


For example, in a cat colony in Puna is a calico cat that showed her special courage, dedication, care and love for  her kittens by crossing a busy roadway to a feed station 200 feet away and bringing them back mouthfuls of food.  She’d put the food in front of them and repeated this several times.


Tales like this just touch the heart.  Your story does not have to be similar to this one.   Animals are like us, each has their own special personality that touches us in many ways, even when their seemingly effortless ways make us feel like a million bucks.  


So, send your stories about your companion animals, or any animal that you feel is special, by email to our webmistress or postage to Frannie.   If possible, include a picture of this “Punahele” with your name and phone number.   





In September Sandi is making available a free spay/neuter feline clinic being held  here in Puna.  Volunteers are wanted.  It is with hopes in the future that HPH will be sponsoring free/spay clinics as well.   More information on this will be coming ASAP.  





It was exciting to see the enthusiasm for ideas discussed at our 10 August HPH meeting.


Our new member, Sydney, has started a My Space page for HPH.  There will be a link from the website.


Vivian has ordered more donation boxes, which will be arriving in October.


Vivian has entered HPH in the Sack N Save Give Aloha Program.  How this works:  During September, customers will be invited to make donations to their favorite Hawai’i charities at checkout and Foodland will match a portion of every donation.  More information is on the HPH website.  I am asking all of you for the month of September to make  (as much as possible) your food purchases at Sack N Save and donate to HPH account (code # is 78463).  It’s a  win-win for the animals!





Spaying your female cat at an early age not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but also helps minimize the risk of mammary (breast) cancer. Spaying your cat also prevents pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus. "Spayed" means the cat has had her ovaries and uterus removed.

Neutering your male cat protects him from testicular cancer and prostate problems. In addition to eliminating unwanted sexual behavior and conception, neutering also helps prevent aggressive or objectionable behaviors, such as fighting and marking (urine spraying). "Neutered" means the cat has had his testicles removed.





Have you ever wondered how old your felines are in comparison to your age?  This might help answer that question, from Cat Fancy March 2003 Magazine.


Cat/Human Age Analogy Chart


Cat = Human     Cat = Human     Cat = Human      Cat = Human

1-------------15    8-------------48     15-----------76      22----------104

2-------------24    9-------------52     16-----------80      23----------108

3-------------28    10------------56    17-----------84      24----------112

4-------------32    11------------60    18-----------88      25----------116

5-------------36    12------------64    19-----------92     

6-------------40    13------------68    20-----------96     

7-------------44  14------------72 21-----------100



JUDY BIRD HAS OFFERED HER BACK ISSUES of Catnip, Cat Fancy and Cat Watch to anyone interested.  Copies of Catnip are available at HPH meetings, which are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Keaau Village Market Place.





A special thanks to Annette Green for her donation of a Catnip newsletter subscription to HPH.  All copies are available at our membership meetings held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Keaau Village Market Place.  You are more than welcome to borrow.


Her thoughtful gift saved my cat’s life.  My cat’s hyperactive behavior and voracious appetite did not match up to her drastic weight loss to skin and bones.  Numerous visits to her veterinarian were costly and without a diagnosis.  That is, until I read the article in Catnip about thyroid disease in elder cats.   With the appropriate thyroid blood test, she is now on proper medication.  (FYI – 0.5-5.8 is normal, her result was 21.4 H). 






This little one was rescued from the Kea’au Transfer Station where she had been dumped.  Who would do such a thing?  She’s sweet and friendly and just wants a lap of her own to snuggle in.  How could you resist those big blue eyes?

















This pretty kitty was rescued and found to have a microchip.  Unfortunately, the Hawai’i Island Humane Society, which inserted the chip, has “misplaced” this kitty’s records so it is impossible to trace the owner.  If you have any information or want to give Blueyes a home, please contact 968-8279.




Orange and black cat

Limp and warm, mostly sleeping

All except that tail




The next HPH membership meeting on September 14th will focus on how to use various cat traps.  We have received many requests asking to be shown how to use the traps but time and gas prices prevent travel for individual instruction.  So, if you have questions or concerns, please make it a point to attend the September meeting and learn about the various cat traps and how they work.  That is September 14th, 10 a.m. at the Kea’au Village Market.


Also, because so many people are asking to borrow HPH traps, we are running short and are asking for donations to purchase at least three more — please help if you can.  If you have a trap that you rarely or never use, consider donating it, we can put it to good use.  Mahalo.



FERN ACRES SUBDIVISION IS MAKING A STATEMENT about stopping animal abuse via this sign at the entrance of the subdivision. Bravo!!! Let’s hope other subdivisions do the same and take a stand against animal abuse.

















The pictures of the cat and dog on the HPH logo will take on their own names and personalities.  Voting at the last membership meeting favored naming the dog “Hui” and the cat “Pono.” 

       Kid-friendly cartoon versions of each are in the works, including puppets in their image.   The purpose is to educate the public, particularly for the children, to understand the importance of kind and responsible pet care.  The caricatures of Hui and Pono will help reinforce this goal.

       Special thanks to Ms. Judith Frostega of East Hawaii Culture Center and Mr. Walczuk in their ongoing joint effort on this mission.  More information on this project will follow in our next Punahele Newsletter.