Hui Pono Holoholona

Volume 1, Issue 4
November 2008

In this issue:

  ~  Thanking Vivian Toellner for getting HPH on the list for “Give Aloha” with Sack N Save.  We have not received a total amount yet from SNS, but that tally should be in by the next Punahele newsletter.  Letters of mahalo will be written to the management of the Puainako Shopping Center for allowing us to stand outside of SnS.
  ~  The HPH folders still being made to be placed in each of the Hilo veterinarians’ offices.   It will be part of their magazine rack. The folders will contain all Punahele newsletters, HIHS yearly stats, and pictures of our events, including of animals that need adoption.
  ~  October 16, is National Feral Cat Day, and HPH recognizes it by saving animals’ lives by supporting TNR-M.  Bookmarker size information paperwork on this is being placed at each veterinarians’ office.
  ~  On our last HPH meeting, Judy suggested that we needed to get the word out about animal abuse.  Frannie purchased a banner that should be ready by this Monday.   Frannie will be standing with it along the freeway easements, to support October 16, National Feral Cat Day and TNR-M.
  ~  Our Wal-Mart Day again was successful, thanks to Vivian, Dede, Linda, Amber, Lei, and Frannie, and our yard sale yesterday again was a success – thanking Linda, Dene, Rosemary, Colleen, Corrine, Larry, Vivian, Judy R., Penny, and Frannie.
  ~  Mahalograms to be written to Dr. Kozuma, and to Dr. Seeske.  Linda Schoch working on this.
  ~  We have been invited again and have entered in the 2008 December Christmas Tree Contest at the Mauna Lani Hotel.
  ~  Linda Schoch will be doing research on various states’ laws concerning puppy mills, possibly to put together a bill for an act for this coming year legislation. Anyone interested in being part of this, please contact her.  A reminder, as a 501, we cannot become political, but as individuals, we can stand up for animal fair treatment and rights.
  ~  With this November, county council should be getting in their contingency monies, so we can write for grant monies.
  ~  Spay & Neuter Clinics for Puna on a regular basis?  This is a must. On the next HPH meeting, report will be made about the possibility of bringing in mainland veterinarians to team up with local veterinarians so we can expand the way Kona AdvoCATS has.
  ~  In the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, October 5, 2008, on page 3, an ad with 2 pictures of the cat that HPH rescued was taken out with hopes to locate its owner  This lovely animal is sweet and would make a good companion.  Please call Frannie if you are interested in adopting her.

Highlights of October 12 Membership Meeting

Results from Give Aloha Program

President's Message

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Christmas Tree

Quick Feline Eggfest

We Will Be Calling You

HPH at HPP (and Walmart)


A Happy Ending


Customer Donations


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That's 26% in matching funds.  Many thanks to everyone who donated both $ and time, but especially to Vivian Toellner who put the whole program together, used her own funds for a banner to hang in the downtown Sack N Save, and spent countless hours in front of the store, encouraging shoppers to donate to our cause.  Mahalo Vivian!TOP

Aloha everyone.  As you all know from the recent newspaper articles about Hui Pono Holoholona and the Kea’au Transfer Station, the resident felines were in jeopardy of being rounded up and killed.  This was going to be happening at all the Transfer Stations after November 15, 2008.

For the last year, we tried very hard to educate via information material, and demonstrate to the Mayor and Department of Environmental Management how successful we had been with our Trap/Neuter/Return-Manage program at the Kea’au Transfer Station.  It seemed, though, to have fallen on deaf ears.

In any event, there are so many people to thank, and many more, unknown by name, that made calls to their County Councilperson, Mayor, and Newspaper.  So if I have missed recognizing you, please, in my heart I am forever grateful to you all.  We (you and I) as guardians for the homeless animals, came together in unity under one cause, and became their voice to plead for their lives.

Mahalo goes to Linden Whitfield who wrote a letter to the editor of Hawaii Tribune-Herald, which, although too long to publish, provoked a call from their reporter, Terrie Henderson.  From that, we were interviewed, and were able to show and tell how successful we were with our Kea’au TNR-M program.  To Debbie Cravatta, incredible individual with her no-nonsense, “bulldog” determination and perseverance, together with Bee Henderson, arranging a meeting with Bobby Jean and others, and successfully changing their minds to  accept TNR-M principles as a viable solution, rather than round-up kills.   Mahalo also to Cathy Goeggel from Oahu, and her animal rights organization, and to Ginger Towle.  Again, to any of you I may have missed, please accept my sincere and grateful mahalo.

This is the year of the Rat in the Chinese calendar, and for animal guardians and feeders, it has been a victory for all our homeless felines in Trap/Neuter/Return-Manage Programs.  But, never, never give up, always be on alert for those who prefer to kill than save a life, be diligent, be knowledgeable with “The Vacuum Effect,” and always speak up for the animals as they only have your voice to save their lives.  As a victory for all, Hawai’i has finally been dragged into the 21st Century, by acknowledging that Trap/Neuter/Return-Manage programs are practiced worldwide, and it certainly should be practiced here as well as it is a scientifically proven solution for homeless felines. 

We also learned a very valuable lesson:  If we stand alone we fail, if we combine in unity, supporting each other with our commitment, strength, and determination for better treatment for animals, it then becomes win-win for all, for the animals and for the community.

Hui Pono Holoholona is on a continued course to educate our community that the ideology of round-up kills are more costly and don’t work.  Instead, save a life via T/N/R-M programs, and make available low-cost or free animal sterilization for all.  With that, animal overpopulation and animal abandonment would no longer be a problem. 

 I leave you with this – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

Always with aloha,
frannie pueoTOP


The volunteer cat feeders at Kea’au Transfer Station need some help.  We take turns feeding so there is someone feeding every day.  Right now (November), however, we are short 3 people.  Would you be interested in being a volunteer feeder?  We can show you how.  It can be temporary or permanent.  We also give the cats drinking water, which you can bring from home or get from the water spigots at the front of the transfer station.   It's all for the cats.

We need help with the cost of food also, be it dry or canned.  Although we are given dry food, our donors run short sometimes.  How much food is needed?  One person feeding once a day for a month (4 weeks)  will use about two 18-pound bags of dry food.  Recently, an 18-pound bag of Friskies was $11.59 at KTA.  Purina Cat Chow runs from about $10 on sale to $13.  All brands are fine.  A month's supply runs about $20 to $27 for dry food.  Canned food is optional and not included in these costs.

Give us a call, either Frances Pueo at 968-8279 or Colleen Egbert at 982-6112, or email.TOP

We have entered again in “Charity Trees at Mauna Lani,”, at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.  Your vote/donation toward HPH tree will help in winning the big prize of $3,000.  Last year we came in 2nd for the $2,000 prize.  That money helped a lot of animals.

If you have a Christmas ornament, or a picture of your pet or other animal that you would like to place on HPH tree, please mail it to us.  Include the name of animal, and short description.  Last year, we had pictures of all our successful rescues, T/N/R-M colonies, pets, and will do so again.  More info will be coming, or call Frannie at 968-8279. 

Note – donated pictures/ornaments will not be returned.

QUICK FELINE EGGFEST  Submitted by Colleen Egbert
Here is a cat food recipe from Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D. and Susan Hubble Pitcairn, published 1995.  This is one of the fast and fresh recipes for cats.  "These recipes are not intended for regular use, but they do provide a fairly complete meal using items you probably have on hand.  You may also use these recipes occasionally for dogs that don't require a low-protein diet.  In fact, all these mixtures are higher in protein than necessary for either dogs or cats, but they won't complain.  This mix is among the simplest I know and is a very natural food for small predator types of cats. It is high in protein, vitamin A and iron as well as B vitamins.

2 eggs
1/3 teaspoon bone meal
3/4 teaspoon nutritional yeast

Use a fork to mix the egg yolks and whites, stirring in the bone meal at the same time. Sprinkle the [nutritional] yeast on top and serve raw.  Or, if you prefer, you may scramble this egg mix lightly [let cool before serving.

Yield: One meal, or about half a day's rations for a 10-pound cat (or dog), with about 170 kilocalories. A smaller cat might eat just one egg."

We're updating our files.  If you have signed up to receive information from HPH, we will be calling to see if you are interested in any of our volunteer projects.  If you don't want to be contacted and are only interested in receiving the newsletter, nothing else, let us know now, or tell us when we call (and we'll never call again).  We should have done it sooner, but now we know what we must do, and are separating our contact/mailing list into those who want to know absolutely everything, only want the newsletter, only email or only snail-mail, no phone calls, etc.  So bear with us and we'll have it all organized in no time.  Meanwhile, see website for upcoming projects.  Mahalo for your patience TOP

Hui Pono Holoholona members Vivian Toellner, Colleen Egbert, Judy Bird, and Sydney Shiigi spread the word about the benefits of spay and neuter for dogs and cats, and networked with people at the Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP) monthly swap meet on Saturday, November 8th.  Vivian brought our t-shirts, catnip toys and other crafts to sell.  Sydney brought books, a DVD player, and clothes to sell.  Altogether we cleared $92 from sales and donations, which is enough for one female cat spay.  We enjoyed our day there, chatting with visitors and the other vendors.  We might do it again, also thinking about Leilani Community Center (free).  HPP was just a good, friendly atmosphere.  We got a volunteer and a couple donations.  We needed more display space, a third table.  Instead, we used four of our five chairs (tables $6 each).TOP

The next day, 11/9, at Walmart, with
volunteers Linda S, Viv, Sydney, Lei-Aloha and Grandfather, lots of good connections with animal-caring people, plus sales and donations totaling  $183.50.

We have two betrayed-domestic kitties, recently rescued from Kea'au Transfer Station.  Both are friendly, but frightened and bewildered by what has happened to them.  We're calling the orange and white Sonny, no name for the orange tabby yet.  Both these precious little ones need loving forever homes where they can relax and forget about being tossed away at the dump.
Contagious!            TOP

Remember 'Opala 'Ilio, the sad puppy from the September newsletter, the one that was dumped at the transfer station?  Well, the man who rescued that puppy, Charlie, did not want another dog,  He already enjoys lots of cats, two adult dogs, and plenty of feral chickens. On the day he rescued this puppy, he did take it to HIHS to see if someone had placed a lost notice.  Finding none, he decided to take the pup home, still not sure if he would keep it.  Once home, the puppy became part of his family.  Charlie named the puppy "Lucky", because this pup is very lucky to have been rescued by an animal-loving person.  Now Lucky is doing puppy things, and fully enjoying his new home.TOP
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