WEDNESDAY EVENING MEETING - Humane Society US, For the Fishes & HPH

Public Welcome (details - click here)

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2011- 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm - Kurtistown - Hwy 11


Educational S/N Clinic Saturday 10/29/11


September is Give Aloha Month (click here for details)

Print these Give Aloha reminders and please ask your friends to donate.


** 61st Annual Hawaii County Fair in Hilo **

174 entries where filled out for the Spay/Neuter Drawing, 4 winners were selected Sunday afternoon, and have been contacted to arrange the surgeries for their pets. Mahalo to all who participated this year.

Mahalo to the volunteers, who did an outstanding job.

September 15 - 18, 2011, Thursday - Sunday Please email webmistress@hphhawaii.org

if you can volunteer to help out at the HPH Booth - (free entry tickets for volunteers)

Thursday 9/15 5:30pm to midnight, Friday 9/16 5:30pm to midnight,

Saturday 9/17 10am to midnight and Sunday 9/18 10am to midnight


Opportunity July 2011: *** Part-time job giving out Jam Samples in Waikaloa, Big Island and in Waikiki, Oahu, Contact Steve at 808-430-8383 (cell) or email steve@honomujams.com for more into.


The final bid was $500.00 on July 15, 2011. Mahalo to the generous bidder and donor.


Ages: 5+ Number of Guests: Up to 18 -

Program Length: 30 minutes -25 minutes with dolphins
Your group will love this chance to meet dolphins in the shallow lagoon waters through touch, feeding and play in an exclusive experience they’ll never forget.
• In-water interactive dolphin encounters • View dolphins underwater with masks,

Dolphin Quest Fundraiser Gift Certificate Available Bid Now!!

Highest Bid Wins on July 15th !! Click here for details Bid on ebay at:




***** Spay Neuter Clinic Tuesday July 12th, Kurtistown ******

73 cats were spay/neutered and 2 Dogs ! Mahalo to all who participated


Hawaii Island Pre-Vet club from UHH

Dr. Kim Kozuma spay/neuter clinic Saturday June 11, 2011

This an educational opportunity for young people (over 10 years old) interested in an animal health career to observe a verteriarian and as questions. Please contact Hui Pono Holohlona at 968-8279 or webmistress@hphhawaii.org if you would like to attend. Nine cats were spay/neutered and students were able to watch and help - hands on with the animals. Looking forward to our next opportunity to encourage the young to persue a career in veterinarian work. Mahalo to all.


Yard Sale Results: Rain on Friday April 1st, 2011, did not deter shoppers. From 8am to 4pm business was brisk. The Kurtistown Assembly of God Church put up two canopies, and it was a good thing, as it rained cats and dogs a few times! A total of $423.00 was raised on the two day sale. Mahalo to the KAG Church, Donors, Shoppers, and Volunteers. Sales totaled $364, donations $59. It is through fundraisers such as this, that HPH is able to offer limited spay/neuter financial assistance.


102 MORE Cats were Spayed/Neutered at the Kurtistown Clinic on Monday February 7, 2011, Mahalo to everyone, just think how many unwanted litters have now been prevented.

Saturday December 11th, 2010, 9am to 2pm Monthly Walmart Fundraiser - in front of Hilo store, stop by the tent, say hello, talk story, donate and/or purchase items to support low cost spay/neuter program.

anthurium Anthurium Fundraiser for Hui Pono Holoholona Spay/Neuter Program

Anthuriums flowers make a unique and beautiful addition to your holiday décor.  Shipped all the way from Hilo, Hawaii, this beautiful Red and Green mixed Anthurium bouquet will last for weeks, with proper care. One dozen (12) beautiful mixed Anthuriums, (vase not included) will come to you all the way from Hawaii for only $50.00 (includes shipping).  On Monday, December 6th, HPH volunteers will send out your flowers by US Postal Service Priority Mail to the Continental U.S. only. By purchasing these flowers at this time, $20 of the $50 purchase price will be donated to the Hui Pono Holoholona Spay/Neuter Program, which helps to reduce animal overpopulation humanely. This is a limited offer, place your order early.Please place your order by Wednesday December 1st, 2010. Pay by cash, check, or money order.  Credit cards accepted through PayPal.  To order call Vivian at (808) 345-2753 or email viviansuet@hotmail.com With their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, it’s no wonder that anthurium have come to symbolize hospitality. Also known as the Flamingo Flower. Anthurium does indeed mean hospitality, and hospitality is "generously providing care and kindness for whoever is in need." Exotic Hawaiian anthurium are known for their exceptionally long vase life. Depending on the variety and season, Hawaii’s Anthurium can retain its straight-from-the-tropics freshness for up to 2 weeks and more. Hui Pono Holoholona is an all volunteer 501 c3 nonprofit tax deductible spay/neuter animal organization, dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation humanely; by making truly affordable spay/neuter clinics available on the Big Island of Hawaii. 


Friday November 26th, 9am to 2pm Monthly Walmart Fundraiser - in front of Hilo store, stop by the tent, say hello, talk story, donate and/or purchase items to support low cost spay/neuter program.

Spay/Neuter Clinic on Tuesday November 16th, 71 cats came! Mahalo everyone!

ALERT:     There is a shooter at Old Kona Airport !

 He hit at 6:45 Sunday evening 11/7/10, under cover of darkness.  

He was seen shooting a cat.  He stays in his pick up truck,

shooting the cats while they feed through his open window.  

He drives a tan, 2-door pick up truck with extended cab, license plate #HCF1##.

 The police were called, they arrived almost immediately and were very helpful

 If you see him, call 911 immediately.  

Definitely an emergency, as it is illegal to shoot firearms in town.  

You will most likely get a good police response based on a prior report.

 Do mention the prior report made on Sunday, November 7th.

        Please tell everybody you know about this current danger. 

Saturday October 16th National Feral Cat Day Proclamation

Saturday 10/30/10 9am to 2pm Monthly Walmart Fundraiser - in front of Hilo store, stop by the tent, say hello, talk story, donate and/or purchase items to support low cost spay/neuter program.

Sunday 10/10/10 10:am to 11:30 Monthly public meeting at the Keaau Village Market; please come and share your ideas and energy. We need each and every volunteer, you really make a difference.

Thursday September 30, 2010 Spay/Neuter Clinic with Dr. Celina Hatt from Honolulu; 68 cats were helped. Mahalo to all the volunteers and cat caretakers/owners. Our first clinic with Dr Hatt.

Give Aloha Program in September Donations receive match from Sack N Save Grocery Stores

Hilo Walmart Monthly Fundraiser - Saturday September 11, 9am to 2pm

Monthly Meeting - Keaau Village Market - 2nd Sunday of the Month - September 12, 2010, 10 am to 11:30 am

County Fair Hilo September 16,17,18 & 19 HPH will have a booth again at this years fair, stop by and see our display.


Hilo Walmart Monthly Fundraiser Saturday August 14, 9 to 2pm Once a month our Non Profit is allowed in front of the Hilo Walmart Store from 9 am to 2 pm.         Set up begins around 8:30 am, if you would like to come early and help put up the tent and displays that would be most appreciated.  Help is also needed through out the day to relieve the other volunteers Come and share your time, and help get the message out to the community: Reduce Animal Over Population Humanely Spay and Neuter your Pets.  

Monthly Meeting Keaau Village Sunday August 8th, 2010

Neuter Scooter Tuesday August 3, 2010 spay/neutered 126 cats               
Monthly Meeting:  Keaau Village Market Center on Sunday July 11th, 10am to 11:30am
  Call 968-8279 for more info, all are welcome to share their ideas and concerns.

Fourth of July – Sunday 7/4/10 Volcano Parade   & Cooper Center Fundraiser  

Each year we participate in the Great Volcano Fourth of July Parade, To be in the parade please meet by the Volcano Post Office at 8:30am. The parade route is downhill along Old Volcano Road to Cooper Center, if you have ever wanted to be in a Parade, now is your chance! JOIN IN !

We will be under the Cooper Center lanai, selling our items and Working to increase awareness of the need for spaying & neutering, from 8am to 1pm.

Exercise your PETriotic duty, have your pet Spayed and Neutered.

Hui Pono Holoholona needs you to come and show your support.  Join in and help carry banners and handout information asking the community to support           Spay/Neutering to Reducing Animal Over Population Humanely. ***Currently over 1,000 dogs and cats are euthanized on our island each and every month***Come early Sunday morning 8:30 am, 7/4/10 to be in the Fourth of July Parade -Meet at the Volcano Post Office walk down hill on old Volcano Road to Cooper Center. Many activities at Cooper Center and Skate Park: Food, Fun, Silent Auction, Art & Craft Vendors, and more. http://thecoopercenter.org/                                                              

Keaau Meeting Sunday June 13, 2010 from 10 am to 11:30 Village Market Center, 6 members came to share, Mahalo for spending your Sunday morning with us.

Walmart Day      Saturday June 12, 2010 from 9am to 2pm In front of Hilo Walmart under  pop-up tent 

One day every month, we are in front of Walmart trying to increase awareness of the need for spaying & neutering to reduce animal overpopulation humanely.  We sell various items to help raise funds that go entirely to the animals.  If you would like to come early, around 8am to help with setup, Or during the day to offer relief, that would be most appreciated. 4 member came to help out, $50.00 in sales and $58.02 in donations. Mahalo to all.

Yard Sale:  This Saturday May 22, 2010 from 8am to 3pm Located in Fern Acres – Mt. View, at 11-3370 Lehua

We have been fortunate to have received donated Yard sale items from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Hilo and

The Eagles in Keaau; both of these organizations are animal Friendly and have supported HPH efforts.  Mahalo to them.

If you would like to come on Friday to help set up for the sale, or to Help out on Saturday  - Please contact Vivian at 345-2753

Or email viviansuet@hotmail.com.  We have a great many items to sell ! Sales $153.00 Donations $50 Mahalo

the Keaau Village Market, please come to share, discuss and plan future events.
Advocats has some great ideas, that we might copy cat over here on the Eastside of the Big Island, click here for their newsletter:   advoCATS Newsletter, Spring 2010


05/08/2010 Saturday May 8th, 2010 - Hilo Walmart.
Hui Pono Holoholona will be in front of the Hilo Walmart from 9am to 2pm.
This time Susann of Big Island Country Goods is selling her cute unique items for Mother's Day;
 15% of her sales will be donated to HPH Kitty Mom


HUI PONO HOLOHOLONA has registered and been recognized by GuideStar Non Profit Registry


04/22/2010 Neuter Scooter Clinic helped 68 cats on Thursday April 22nd at the Hui Pono Sponsored Clinc at Kurtistown. Mahalo to everyone who participated !


02/2010 Mahalo / Thank you to everyone who participated in the HSUS Photo Contest in February 2010,

Through your efforts Hui Pono  received $1,29180. 19 pets were entered for HPH.  Thank you to their humans:    Athena, Aylin, Blair, Carolyn, Christina, Dene, Janice,  Joan, Joseph, Kimberly, Lorretta, Mandy, Marianneke, Mary Pat, Patria, Sara Beth and Yardley. If you wish for HPH to know of your contribution, please contact us, as the HSUS donation policy does not share that information with us. So on behalf of those wonderful pets:  we wish to thank their human friends for entering them and all who voted for them. to view entries go to: http://photocontest.humanesociety.org/contest.html?page=viewIndex&contestId=2&orgId=326


04/11/2010 Sunday April 11th, 10 am Meeting at the Keaau Village Market; come share ideas and concerns. Mahalo.

NEUTER SCOOTER RETURNS !!! LOW COST SPAY / NEUTER CLINIC FOR CATS Thursday - April 22, 2010 Kurtistown; only $50.00 for tame/pet cats and $20.00 for feral cats; if you need financial assistance or help with getting to the clinic; contact Frannie at 968-8279 Volunteers please call Frannie at 968-8279.

Go online at www.neuterscooter.com to register 
Volunteer needed for regular feeding at TNRM ( Trap Neuter Release & Managed ) Cat Colony.  
Two days are available for a dependable regular Feeder for Keaau TNRM Cat Colony.
Must have own reliable transportation, must be available on Mondays and/or Wednesdays each and every week.  
Frannie will train. Please call her and leave a message if you are interested at 968-8279.


03/13/2010 Saturday March 13, 2010 In front of Hilo Walmart from 9am to 2pm


3/6 2010 March 6th & 7th Saturday & Sunday

Yard Sale Benefit for Hui Pono Holoholona; 11-3370 Lehua, in Fern Acres, Moutain View from 8am to 3pm.If you would like to donate items or participate, please contact Frannie at 968-8279 or Vivian at 345-2753. Thank you for your support. Mahalo. $159.00 earned for The Hui Pono Holoholona Spay/Neuter Program.

2/4/2010 ***** SPAY DAY 2010 PHOTO CONTEST *****

$1.00 PER VOTE at the Humane Society of the United States Spay Day Pet Photo Contest go to: http://photocontest.humanesociety.org/contest.html?page=viewIndex&contestId=2&orgId=326 to vote on the pets entered for Hui Pono Holoholona choose between Patches, Roo Roo, Tigger, Katsu, Miso and Bear, voting open until March 3rd, 2010


2/1/2010 : Our next meeting will be Feb 7, 2010 Sunday at the Keaau Village Market Place at 10:00 am which is across from Keaau Ace Hardware.  Topics:  Grant Writing, Fundraising, etc.,.  We really need people to step up and take the lead, particularly in our goal in obtaining our own Sanctuary/Community Center for the Boys/Girls club/Elders, Horse therapeutic program for the abused and challenge kids, and to have a permanent Spay/Neuter clinic on the property.  For our Dr. Angel, as well as inviting Veterinarians to do free Spay/Neuter and being able to write off their vacation here as part business. 

This can only come about through dedicated individuals like you, that put the animals first and leaving personal “ego’s” in check, who are devoted in the work needed to reclaiming a caring humane community for the animals and too for its peoples. HPH needs people who walk the talk, and are committed. See you there Sunday, February 7th, 10am Keaau Village Market Place


1/31/2010 : The fourth Neuter Scooter sponsored by HPH helped 50 cats! 19 neuters and 31 spays. Mahalo to all who anticipated. Expecting another Neuter Scooter in late April, get on our email list or keep checking this website for more information. Together we can make a difference.


1/28/2010: The Neuter Scooter is returning and offering LOW COST SPAY / NEUTER FOR CATS When:  Thursday, January 28, 2010 here:  Hilo HI area ponsored by Hui Pono Holoholona (HPH) $50.00 per cat for spay/neuter and free shots  by registering online at www.neuterscooter.com To receive a discount of $10.00 then call 968-8279  Hui Pono Holoholona to register your name with us.  Your total cost on the day of the clinic is only $40.00  for pet cats with our HPH voucher. Pay at the Clinic with Cash or Money Order Only Only $20.00 for Feral cats! If you are managing a feral cat colony and need financial help to pay for their sterilization,  or to borrow traps to bring them to our clinic.   Call HPH at 968-8279If you would like to volunteer,  donate food for the volunteers or need more information all Frannie at 968-8279 or email www.hphhawaii.org.


Please Give Aloha to Hui Pono Holoholona in September

If you have a Sack N Save Maika'i Cardyou can help Hui Pono Holoholona MORE!

by donationing in September ‘09 Give Aloha at Foodland and Sack N Save To Help Us Raise Funds!!

Hui Pono Holoholona is participating in Give Aloha, Foodland’s Annual Community Matching Gifts Program. 

This program honors Foodland’s founder,  Maurice J. “Sully” Sullivan, and continues his legacy of giving back to the community. How it Works From September 1-30, 2009, customers are invited to make donations with their Maika’i Card, at the checkout.  Foodland / Sack N Save and the Western Union Foundation will match a portion of each donation.

How to Donate At the CheckOut, present your Maika’i Card and inform the cashier that you would like to make a donation

to Hui Pono Holoholona – 78463. If you do not have a Maika’i Card, you should request one - Donations made without a Maika’i Card will not be matched.   HPH’s five digit registration code is 78463.  Your donation will be added to your grocery purchase total The amount you have donated to us and the name of our organization will appear on your grocery receipt.  Donations must be made payable to Foodland or Sack N Save in cash, check or credit cardDonor names will not be released to Hui Pono Holoholona, so if you would like us to know of your gift, please contact us directly so that we may properly acknowledge your gift.  save your receipt since it will be the only record they will receive of your donation.

Are These Contributions Tax Deductible? These contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please save your grocery receipt for tax purposes since it will be the only record you will have of your donation.How Matching Gifts Will Be Calculated Matching Gifts will be calculated after September 30th, the end of the program.  Organizations will receive 100% of all customer donations given to their organization,  plus their % of Foodland’s $325,000 matching gift.   Mahalo


The adoptions page has been updated! Please check it out! Your new furry pal may be waiting for you!

On Saturday July 25, 2009 we hosted the Neuter Scooter again! Thank you Dr. Peavy and family. We did a total of 83 cats, of that, HPH paid for 69 - 30 were pets/tame strays and 39 were true ferals.









These dogs have been missing since 5/28.  They got out of the fence of the owner's yard on Oio St. in Hawaiian Beaches, Pahoa.  Gunther is a tan male with a large, distinctive head, Petunia is a thin reddish female with a thin tail that hangs between her legs, and Foxy is a tan female with a white chest.  People can call 965-1281 if they have any sightings of these dogs.  A $100 reward is being offered if any of them are found.  It is very unusual that all 3 dogs just disappeared with no sightings in almost a month.  They are 4 years old and have lived on Oio their whole lives, so they know their way around.  We are desperate to have them back, we have had them since birth.  They are all brother and sisters, with the same mother.


Honomu Jam's website has been added to our links page. Please visit them if you have a chance. For every purchase of cat jelly that is made, $1 is given to support our organization.


Aloha Hui Members and Volunteers

A few things to share with you all. 

1.  HPH monthly meetings and new place and dates will be posted soon.  We listen to your suggestions to change it from Sunday to Saturday.   In doing so, the Keaau Village Market Place is too busy for our meetings there, and I am presently looking for a central location.    Again, new place and dates for HPH meetings will be posted shortly, until then there are no meetings on Sunday.

2.     Our Newsletter and Website is under a new web person, and I ask for your patience while its being updated.  The ” Punahele” too will be forthcoming shortly, and sent out in April.

3.    Want to thank all of you who volunteered with HPH S/N feline clinic on March 15, 2009.  Please see the pictures attached, including a separate email containing additional pictures.   Many, many mahalo’s goes to Dr. Kozuma, all volunteers, and

Dr. Seeske from Kilauea Veterinary Service with supplies.  To Karen Klein, President, and Vice President Roberta Agre of AdvoCats for loaning us the surgical instrument packets for the surgery, and surgical boards. To Dene Rawlings, and her incredible ability and talent to soothe over very nervous and scared felines. To Bee Henderson who met us in Kamuela at the Pharmaceutical Supply Center, she is truly dedicated in helping the animals, as she guided us through everything with advice and incredible patient to Vivian and myself. To “Tag”, from Church of Religious Science Office, allowing HPH to have the Clinic at his facility.  And of course, the Clinic could not have been without each of you, HPH Volunteers who donated your time to be there.  Our next Punahele will have pictures and names of all those who attended. (Punahele is delayed until April)

         The atmosphere at the clinic was relaxed and true harmony (Lokahi).  Everyone seem to take on each task with ease, and excellently done as well. At times people traded their jobs to learn another in preparation for the next HPH clinic. We did 16 surgeries :  6 females   10 males.

Attending HPH Spay/Neuter Clinic

Dr. Kozuma & Volunteers were:

Jane Bumanglag, Kathy Corbin, Colleen Egbert, Aaron Ferro, Lynne Forbes, Annette Green

Mapu Hamada, SammyKalanie-Hamada, Julie Jacobson, Jesusalem, Hannah Kahee,

Rosemary Karlsson, Debra Kekaualua, Patricia Keene, Kelly King, Al Melton , Inge Misajon,

Kathleen Mora, Jacqueline Muglia, Ryan Okimoto, Kate Puakela, Frannie Pueo, Satu Paulsen,

Leialoha Rabang, Dene Rawlings, Teresa Ruiz, Sydney Shiigi, Corinne Stefanko, Vivian Toellner,

Larry Toellner, Linda Willaby.   If anyone’s name is missing, please let me know.  Again, much aloha for your kokua J.

4.      Good news – we have a retired Hawaii State License Veterinarian who has volunteered his services to do 2 free feline spay/neuter clinics per week.  Each clinic will start at 0900 and end at 1200 noon.  Presently, I am connecting with Kona AdvoCats to ask for a loan of their surgical instruments.   I’m getting this together ASAP, and need your help. 
            1.    I will need volunteers – about 2 or 4 per clinic.  Surgery dates will be announced.

            2.    Dene has volunteered her garage for the surgeries, although a preference
                   would be for a 4 wall enclosed room, or a small studio or room in a  home.  So if you have such a place you could temporary donate its usage to HPH, please call me.

5. Spread  the word and connect with anyone taking care of cat colonies – doesn’t matter where, or who, from stores, dumps, back yards, etc. Give them my name and telephone number 968-8279, so we can get these wonderful four legged feline Blessings on schedule for their S/N surgeries.  HPH wants to start no later than March 16. 

Fundraiser Dates:

Volunteers need for our Wal-Mart Date 14, we start around 08:30 & end around 1:30. Even an hour or two, helps relieve the regulars.

 Yard Sale on March 28.   Again volunteer are needed. It will be in Hilo at Annette Green’s home on Haili Street (near the Lyman Museum).  Again, if you have yard sale items to donate, please call me at 968-8279.  All monies helps HPH pay for the Spay/Neuter surgeries.

We have new donation boxes needing to be placed at businesses.   If you have business contacts, please ask the owner or manager if they would be willing to have our donation boxes at their business place.

Again, thanking you all in advance for all you do for the animals, and for Hui Pono Holoholona.

Frannie Pueo

CatAge Tip Of The Week

Great News Everyone - Hui Pono Holoholona (HPH) last evening, 12/23/08, has won Grand Prize of $3,000 at the Mauna Lani Charity Tree Contest!!!  We could not have won without your generous support/donations, as each dollar you sent became a winning vote.  We are on a continued course in helping the animals and our community by helping those who are not able to pay to have their pets spayed/neutered.

It's not too late - one more day to vote for HPH to win the $3000 first prize in the Mauna Lani Charity Trees contest.  To cast your $1 vote(s), contact
Vivian (808) 345-2753 or Frannie at (808) 968-8279  - deadline  12/23/2008.  Donate/vote today!

The December Punahele is online.  This month, due to a very late start and the busy holiday season, we've opted for a different look - instead of news, a simple thank you/greeting card to our members, sponsors, volunteers, friends, supporters, et al.  In 2009, we'll return to our regular format and our plan for the January issue is a look back at this past year.  We've already started combing through prior issues and old emails, compiling the info for that retrospective.  If you have a suggestion or anything that you think might fit into this look-back issue (stories, photos, old newsy emails, whatever), please let us know - we will welcome any and all submissions.  As always, the deadline will be the date of the regular monthly meeting; in this case, January 11th.  Mahalo.

HEADS UP!  "They" are sneaking in price increases.  A few weeks ago I noticed that a 6-ounce can of tuna fish was now a 5-ounce can of tuna fish, but the price per can had actually gone up, even though the weight of the contents went down.  Then, yesterday, I discovered that the 18-pound sack of Whiskas cat food had morphed into a 15-pound sack.  At least this time the price stayed the same; however, that is still a 17% increase in price per sack (or to put it another way, only 83% of what we used to get for our $).    What's a poor cat-feeder to do?  I'm wondering if we should mount a monthly, or bimonthly, expedition to Kona to hit Petco and Costco.  Gas prices are down so it might be worthwhile thinking about.  Comments or suggestions?  Send them here.  Mahalo.

Our November Punahele is now online, just click the newsletter link in the upper right-hand corner and enjoy.

There's something new in the gallery - check out Frannie's album.

November membership meeting scheduled for 11/9 is CANCELLED.  Frannie is down with a nasty virus and her doctor has ordered rest.  Oddly, this will work out because the Walmart fundraiser that we showed on the calendar as 11/16 is actually going to be held this Sunday 11/9 - so no meeting but yes Walmart on Sunday 11/9/2008.

The care2 America's Favorite Animal Shelter voting ended on November 1st - thank you for voting for our friends, Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary, and helping homeless pets!  Care2 will be announcing the winners on or before December 8th.  In the meantime, please continue to take action for animals, or adopt a homeless pet.


Deadline for submissions for November newsletter is 11/9, that's only a week and a half away so, if you have anything for the November Punahele, NOW is when to send it.  Mahalo.

We are signed up for Mauna Lani Resort Christmas Tree Contest again, Frannie has the detail for that.  AdvoCATS will have a tree there too, but are not wanting to compete for the prize money (per their newsletter).

Vivian signed us up for a Christmas tree at Wailoa Center (by King Kam statue) in Hilo,  no contest there, just  a chance to advertise our cause.

It's less than two months 'til Christmas guys, get ready, it's gonna get busy!

We now have 16 new donation boxes, need to find businesses willing to let us put one by their cash register, and people to check on them monthly to gather donations.  Contact Vivian for more info.

We have
two tables reserved for the Hawaiian Paradise Park Swap Meet, Saturday, November 8th, at the HPP Activity Center on Maku'u between 16th & 17th.  Setup at 6 a.m., sale from 6:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.  We need to  bring our own chairs.  There's a kitchen there and someone sells  food.  All level, covered (no tents needed).  Bathrooms nearby.  Lots of parking.

Yesterday, a group of HPH members, including president Frannie Pueo, met with reporter, Terrie Henderson, from the Hawai'i Tribune-Herald regarding the Kea'au Transfer Station cats and their impending eviction.  Terrie brought a photographer who took photos of cats being fed at station #3.  Terrie's article appears in today's HT-H, along with two of those photos.  The article seems fair and leans toward sympathetic to our plight.  The only possible concern is that it did not emphasize the fact that involving HIHS means all those healthy, spayed/neutered, often friendly cats will be immediately killed, not evicted...killed.  Click here for all the links related to this ongoing crisis.

We have just added a .pdf file titled U.S. Public Opinion on Humane Treatment of Stray Cats.  Please add this to your arsenal of facts when contacting your representatives (see list below) re the ongoing Kea'au Transfer Station cat crisis.  You will need Adobe Reader to view this file; click here for free download.

Animal lovers and animal caregivers:

We have a crisis here at the Kea’au Transfer Station.  As of November 15, Bobby Jean Leithead Todd of the Department of Environmental Management will prohibit us from feeding the cats there and also stop our Trap-Neuter-Return & Manage.  We have been informed to move the cats or they will have HIHS do it.  All shelters and feeding stations will be removed on November 15.

Please start contacting any and all on this matter.  Including Department of Environmental Management at 961-8083 / fax is 961-8086.  http://co.hawaii.hi.us/directory/dir_envmng.htm

You can reach Frannie at 968-8279, which is also a fax machine. 

Without your help these animals are doomed, we have no place to take them and cats that come after will face neglect, and starvation.  

Numbers to call:
Department of Environmental Management, Bobbie Jean Leithead Todd, Director — 961-8083
Mayor’s office — 961-8211
Emily Naeole — 961-8267
Bob Jacobson — 961-8263
J Yoshimoto – 961-8272
Stacy Higa — 961-8396
Pete Hoffmann — 887-2069
Dominic Yagong — 961-8264
Donald Ikeda — 961-8261
Brenda Ford — 326-5684/961-8027
K. Angel Pilago — 327-3642/961-8265. 

In case you missed it on the entry page, we now have a printable version of the Vacuum Effect on the website.  This very important information should be printed out and handed out and/or mailed or emailed to your HOA, county representatives, state representatives, anybody and everybody who has a say in the management of feral cats on this island.  We must educate them that trap-and-kill is a costly, ineffective, antiquated idea and that TNR-M has proven to be the practical and economically wise way to manage feral cat populations worldwide.  Don't wait, do it now!

The October newsletter is on the site, check it out.  Frannie will have the print copies ready to go in a day or two.  Now taking submissions for the November newsletter, deadline November 9.  It never ends!

Now we only have one week left until deadline for submitting your articles for the October newsletter.  The cut-off date is Sunday, 10/12, the day of the regular membership meeting.  If you have anything time sensitive or just want to get your two cents worth in, please email whatever you have to webmistress@hphhawaii.org.  No exceptions, 10/13 will be too late.  Aloha!

Only 12 days until deadline for submissions for the October newsletter.  Please send stories, photos, comments, anything and everything about HPH to webmistress@hphhawaii.org ASAP.  Mahalo! 

Only 5 more days left in September !!!
Today, 9/26/08
Saturday, 9/27/08
Sunday, 9/28/08
Monday, 9/29/08
Tuesday, 9/30/08
Then the Give Aloha Program will be over !!!  Please don't wait !!!

Vivian and Frannie will be continuing to be outside of Sack N Save handing out HPH bookmarks, which explain about our Spay & Neuter program, and asking customers to donate to Give Aloha HPH code 78463.  Vivian will be there every day for the rest of the week from 5 to 6:30 p.m.  If you would like to help, please contact us.

Sandi Alstrand has successfully put together a Spay and Neuter Clinic scheduled for this Sunday, September 28, starting at 8:30 a.m., at the Church of Religious Science office at 31st and Paradise in Hawaiian Paradise Park.  Getting hands-on experience is priceless with an event like this, and your participation or just observation will help build your confidence for future clinics.  Thanks Sandi for inviting HPH.  Have more questions?  Please contact Sandi at 965-1866, or Frannie at 968-8279.

October 11, Saturday, from 8-4, HPH will be having a Yard Sale at Keaau Village Market Place.  We need your donation of good kine stuffs:  kitchen pots/pans, utensils, plates, knick-knacks, mirrors, jewelry, etc..  Time to clean out your clutter and help us to continue to generate monies to pay for these spays and neuters.  Call Vivian at 345-2753, or Frannie for pick-ups at 968-8279.  Also on the same day there at Keaau Village Market Place from 9-4, is a festival of fun for the keiki with clowns, rides, police sponsoring Keiki IDs, live music, dunking pool, lots and lots of fun.  Should be a super day for all.

If you are trying to find a home for your pet, or if you have lost your pet, please contact Linden, HPH webmistress, to post on the website.  Have a business?  We are now offering for a low fee, business card advertising space on the Punahele, as well as on the website. 

Only 10 days left in September !!!
Give Aloha Program will be over !!!
If you have a Sack N Save Maika'i Card, you can help Hui Pono Holoholona MORE!! with your donations in September 2008...Please read this !! If you have any questions, please contact Frannie or Vivian-345-2753.  Mahalo

SPECIAL REQUEST:  What we need desperately right now (September 2008) is a good working computer with Windows XP and an inkjet printer with color capability.  They don't have to be pretty, just functional.  We can pick up anywhere on the East side of the Big Island, just give us a call.  Your donation is tax deductible and we'll be happy to give you a receipt. 
Call Frannie at 808-968-8279.  Mahalo.

Sandi A. left a message to say her S/N clinic is going to be on Sunday the 28th of September.  More information is forthcoming.

Attention cat lovers:  For sale by owner, 1040 sq. ft. 2 bedroom one bath house with laundry room and full kitchen/great room available on a one acre lot in Oceanview. This house was built and designed with cat comfort in mind! Cat trees are built into two rooms, and exterior litter boxes accessed by cat doors in two rooms help keep litter odors down in the house. Appliances and solar water heater included. House is on catchment, and current 10,000 gallon tank has proved sufficient for me. On request, current furniture may remain for new owner. Included on the land are 6 4’x8’ kennels for kitties, and two storage sheds. One shed includes an “outhouse” with composting toilet. I’m asking $175,000 of cat lovers, who can appreciate the kitty “extras” and may be willing to continue feeding the neutered homeless kitties in the area. If posted with realtor, price will go up.

Please contact Jennifer Olson at 929-9606 (h), 987-6720 (c), or catlady2004ster@gmail.com if interested in viewing or discussing the home.  Feel free to share this information with other cat lovers.

Mars Petcare US Issues Voluntary Recall of Everson, PA Plant Dry Pet Food Product due to Potential Salmonella Contamination.

Franklin, Tennessee (September 12, 2008)—Today, Mars Petcare US announced a voluntary recall of products manufactured at its Everson, Pennsylvania facility. The pet food is being voluntarily recalled because of potential contamination with Salmonella serotype Schwarzengrund. This voluntary recall only affects the United States.

In an effort to prevent the transmission of Salmonella from pets to family members and care givers, the FDA recommends that everyone follow appropriate pet food handling guidelines when feeding their pets. A list of safe pet food handling tips can be found at: www.fda.gov/consumer/updates/petfoodtips080307.html

Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1-877-568-4463 or visit http://www.petcare.mars.com./ for a list of affected dry pet foods.

HPH has signed up with empties4cash, a printer cartridge recycler.  They will pay us for empty inkjet printer cartridges so, don't throw them away.  Put your empty cartridges in a Ziploc bag and bring them to meetings, yard sales, Wal-Mart Sundays and turn them in; we'll take them all.  Eventually we hope to have collection boxes set up to make the process easier.  If your work or school is using a lot of cartridges and just tossing them, ask if you can recycle them for HPH - every little bit helps the animals.

Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple... Please tell ten friends  to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough  people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (How  about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food  for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate  sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.  Here's the web site! Pass it along to all the people you  know.

At the yard sale of Sat. Aug 23, we sold $164.00 and received donations of $114.00 (includes $100.00 check donation) , total $278.00 for the day.

Our new member, Sydney, has started a My Space page for HPH. Here is the link. Check it out.