Beginning Scuba Class for Two to Enjoy and you can help the animals too !

Jack's Diving Locker: Just outside our Kona front door is a custom designed scuba pool. It is a salt-based pool that doesn’t burn your eyes, so its an ideal location for kids,

and anyone practicing their mask clearing skills. The solar heating allows students to stay focused on learning without the need for thick wetsuits.

A 12′ depth allows students to practice deep water entries and equalization before moving out into the ocean.

And at the bottom of the pool, you can even look out at family and friends through the underwater window.

Bidding starts at $25.00 - Bid Increment is $5.00 - Bidding Open until 2pm Saturday April 5, 2014 at the Spay Day Rally.

Pre Bids may be placed by calling (808)968-8279 or

(Bids must be acknowledge/confirmed by HPH prior to 2pm 4/5/14, so do not wait until the last minute please ! Mahalo )