October 12 membership meeting – Keaau Village Market Place


Attending – Helen Baker, Linda Schoch, Vivian and Larry Toellner, and Frannie Pueo.


  1. Thanking Vivian Toellner for her getting HPH on the list for “Give Aloha” with Sack N Save.  She purchased out of her pocket a HPH banner which hung high in the downtown Hilo Sack N Save.  Also, she made mini-banners and she and I stood in front of the Sack N Save in Puainako Shopping Center.   We have not received a total amount yet from SNS, but that tally should be in by the next Punahele newsletter.
  2. Letters of mahalo will be written to the management of the Puainako Shopping Center for allowing us to stand outside of SnS.
  3. The HPH folders still being made to be placed in each of the Hilo Veterinarians’ offices.   It will be part of their magazine rack. The folders will contain all Punahele Newsletters, HIHS yearly stats, and pictures of our events, including of animals that need adoption.  The delay on this project has been that my printer has been malfunctioning.   Helen has graciously given me her printer today so that I can complete this project by this week.


  1. October 16, is National Feral Cat Day, and HPH recognizes it by saving animals’ lives by supporting TNR-M.  Bookmarker size information paperwork on this is being placed at each Veterinarians’ office with Lifesaver candies placed in a cat dish.


  1. On our last HPH meeting, Judy suggested that we needed to get the word out about animal abuse.  As she said, “It’s no paradise here for the animals.”  I thought a lot of what she said, so purchased a banner that should be ready by this Monday.   Will be standing with it along the freeway easements, to support October 16, National Feral Cat Day and TNR-M.  Later will find various places along fences – so it will be in constant public view.


  1. Our Wal-Mart Day again was successful, thanks to Vivian, Dede, Linda, Amber, Lei, and me.


  1. Our Yard sale yesterday again a success – thanking Linda, Dene, Rosemary, Colleen, Corrine, Larry, Vivian, Judy R., Penny, and me.


  1. Mahalograms to be written to Dr. Kozuma, and to Dr. Seeske, Linda Schoch working on this.


  1. We have been invited again and have entered in the 2008 December Christmas Tree Contest at the Mauna Lani Hotel.  


  1. Linda Schoch will be doing research on various states’ laws concerning puppy mills, possibly to put together a bill for an act for this coming year legislation. Anyone interested in being part of this, please contact her.  A reminder, as a 501, we cannot become political, but as individuals, we can stand up for animal fair treatment and rights.


  1. With this November, county council should be getting in their contingency monies, so we can write for grant monies.


  1. Spay & Neuter Clinics for Puna on a regular basis?  This is a must. On the next HPH meeting, report will be made about the possibility of bringing in mainland veterinarians to team up with local veterinarians so we can expand like Kona AdvoCATS has.


  1. In the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, October 5, 2008, on page 3, an ad with 2 pictures of the cat that HPH rescued was taken out with hopes to locate its owner.  As of this date, HIHS, which purchased this Avid microchip, has not found the owner information.  This lovely animal, now called “Ms. Chips,” is doing fine but we are still looking for a permanent home for her.  If interested, she is sweet and would make a good companion.  Please call me if you are interested in adopting her.


  1. Meeting ended.