September 14 Membership Meeting

Class C Felony-Animal Abuse Banner posted at Fern Acres Subdivision (pictured in July/August newsletter).  Judy &  Colleen will pursue having a similar type banner in their own subdivisions.  Note:  Fern Acres Sign was stolen, a replacement will be made.

Sack N Save – We really need to get the word out for people to support free animal Spay/Neuter by donating to our 501(c), via Sack N Save grocery store for the month of September.  Without everyone’s support in this, there are not enough monies for all those requesting HPH help.  So the question is:  Have you donated to HPH?  Then what are you waiting for?

Judy explained HPH needs to make a list of potential investors of companies like Morris & Millions to contact to help support our mission of reducing animal population via free or very low-cost Spay/Neuter, including reaching out into the community and teaching better pet care, and stopping animal abuse.


Further discussion:  How do we get the word out about HPH, how do we reach out to the general public that Hui Pono Holoholona is a serious animal organization, dedicated in stopping animal overpopulation via free spay/neuter?  How do we get the word out that unwanted animal births leading to animal abandonment and abuse are preventable?  How do we (the Hui), and those of us that care and maintain animal colonies, educate people?  All preventable had free spay/neuter been available and utilized!  It is heartbreaking, yet purposeful that we do not give up as we must be the animal's voice to make positive changes on their behalf.  With ongoing animal abandonment, including a recent puppy dumped and rescued a few days ago, this issue is always painfully emotional.


Judy B. suggested a banner with the saying, “It’s no Paradise for us !!!  We are the unwanted – Please help us.”  Judy’s suggestion is right on target.   I will purchase a banner with this and add on an additional message about HPH.  The banner will fly at various locations.


Bumper stickers also suggested with HPH logo/information, further cost research needed.


Satu brought one of the traps she purchased from a catalogue company called Heartland.  Since using, she has reported that it is not reliable as the front latch spring does not always lock shut.  One of her cats that she took in to be spayed, got out and is now lost.  Also, in other attempts to catch cats, the trap again does not firmly lock, and the cats just push on the trap door and escape.  See photo.

Satu has 2 Siamese looking feline siblings that need a good home.    They have been S/N, and tested.  Please call her at 966-9682.


Our very talented artist: Mr. Brian Revell, aka “Makana,” is helping us with the caricatures to represent Hui (the dog) and Pono (the cat).  The drawings will be used to help kids associate better care for their pets, and help HPH in many ways.  Possible puppets in their likeness are forthcoming, hopefully before the year’s end.  Hui character is sociable and loving to surf, skateboard, etc.  Pono (the cat) is an island girl that also enjoys doing fun stuff but more cautious, responsible, and sensible.  She is like the big sister, caring type.  Both characters will be balancing each other, and where kids can connect. 

PayPal is coming to HPH.  Direct donations can be made and eventually purchase of T-Shirts, etc.


Special thanks to Wal-Mart’s Shawna Melendez, Pet Food Department Manager:  Much needed dog food went directly to Tasha ‘Ohana Sanctuary.  Just in time, because the food pantry was getting bare.


Special Note – Tasha ‘Ohana Sanctuary is in need of materials, donations of kennels, pet beds, traps, etc., including dog and cat food.  Building supplies, yes that too.  Money donations always appreciated.  She has a recent batch of kittens and adult cats & dogs that need your help via adopting, and volunteers welcomed.