Like many people who are passionate about Animals, I began as a volunteer for various shelters & organizations, fostering sick animals. 

 Later as I learned more about the overwhelming issues of animal overpopulation and suffering, I began to help with education in numerous Spay & Neuter programs on the mainland.  I was particularly vocal about the abuses and misinformation regarding Pit bulls (such as the belief that many have that Pit bulls are naturally vicious and dangerous to humans), also that breeding for fighting, of course is horribly wrong.  Also I have been participating in the Trap, Spay/Neuter, Release and Manage program for over 7 years.   

    After moving to the Big Island and experiencing the scope of our Cat Overpopulation, I was desperate to participate in some way.  I saw a flyer informing the public about the NeuterScooter (a low cost Spay/Neuter clinic).  I contacted Hui Pono Holoholona, had a conversation with Frannie, and was accepted as a volunteer. 

 My first volunteer work for HPH was with the NeuterScooter clinic, a wonderful experience working with a great group of caring, supportive, compassionate animal lovers. 

   Now armed with contacts, I began spreading the word and met a lady in a local shop who desperately needed help with a growing colony of over 30 cats.  She clearly wanted to provide a safe haven for these homeless cats, but was uninformed as to the problem that she was involved with.  Though the husband was first opposed to anyone helping in the matter, his wife and I went forward with a gradual plan to trap a few cats at a time, Spay/Neuter them, and let them convalesce at my home before releasing them back on her property.   

  HPH Frannie Pueo was an invaluable asset.  Without HPH’s assistance this lady could not have afforded to get the problem under control.  Once the husband saw the dedication and after few a conversations I had with him educating him on why this was vital to stopping an overpopulation problem in his neighborhood, he embraced the process even assisting in the captures.  It was very rewarding to see his entire attitude change, and the last time we spoke he was so positive about what we were doing, I knew we had encouraged a new activist 

   I have worked with all sorts of animals in my pet sitting business: for the last ten years, mainly caring for them at their own residence while the owners are away.  I continue to support HPH as a volunteer.