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July 2010

Hui Pono


Is an all Volunteer

501 c 3

Non Profit

Donations are

Tax deductible



If all dogs and cats were spay/neutered,    there would be no healthy animals to euthanize at your shelters.    Please sponsor spay/neuter through HPH, for a dog ($50.00) or cat $35.00),  through our program.   



Come join us and volunteer at our Spay and Neuter Cat Clinics, rewards are stupendous!!!  It’s a lot of hard work, but fun too, Volunteers meet new and old friends of the same kindred spirit for the animals, and HPH pays for your cats spay and neuter.    Some have even made job connections.   Call HPH at 968-8279 for more information on the next feline spay/neuter clinic.  
















Volunteers of the same kindred spirit.

Hui Pono bonding together in community action, To participate in helping animals,

either through our spay and neuter clinics, or donating their time or monies.












Help is always needed in the following: fundraisers as yard sales, silent auction, bands needed, writing grants, setting up and spending time in our booths at various areas which connects with people via education awareness of pet responsibility. One person cannot bring lasting change to our community, only through our combine effort of being a caring society, a genteel society, and stepping forward in unity as proactive caregivers for the ‘Aina (land), the animals (Holoholona), and of its peoples (po’e).


july2010  {Here are a few of our everyday hero’s who have stepped forward in doing the right (PONO) thing for the animals, if your name is not listed, please give me a call as you are important to HPH, and my filing system has been damaged  by water and presently updating our data system.} 


 So with many thanks to people stepping forward with their time as a volunteer(s) donation(s), and those getting their pets/colonies spay/neutered: Go to: List of HPH volunteers and donors





In February 2009, HPH sponsored a feline spay clinic in Hawaiian Paradise Park.

Dr. Kim Kozuma graciously gave her time and skills, and each volunteer made it equally successful.

On that day 16 cats were sterilized 6 Spays and 10 Neutered.

  Dr. Kozuma and children Jade and Emma




The Neuter ScooterSpecial thanks to Kona AdvoCats who queued us on the NeuterScooter, and HPH had the first spay/neuter clinic here in Puna on June 6, 2009.   Dr. Peavy, well organized, very professional, and each cat was treated special.  They also provide other health service as worming, antibiotics, etc., they services pets as well as feral cats.  One cat had to have a pellet removed and on another, after all the spays/neuters were completed had eye surgery.    Dr. Peavy and family are true to heart, very caring for the animals, and dedicated in decreasing animal overpopulation humanely by providing affordable service to the community.  


 www.neuterscooter.com     At HPH sponsored clinics, everyone eagerly learns how to be focused on their duties for the day, including cross training.  It’s easy and simple, and everyone has a good time, even if it means cleaning pet carriers and traps.  Kindness to the animals as well as to each other as strangers easily become friends at the day’s end.  While networking at the clinic a volunteer was referred to a good paying fulltime permanent job.




NeuterScooter Team


Dr. Tess Peavy, Oscar Armendariz,

Aria, Elijah, Gabriel and

Christian Armendariz

And the other crew members who have traveled with them. 

We appreciate all you do.



HPH has sponsored 5 Neuter Scooter Clinics:

June 6, 2009


July 25, 2009


October 3, 2009


January 28,  2010


April 22, 2010



 Neuter Scooter Surgeries









   Avid Microchip – Always keep your information Current.


mm Thanks to Corrine Stefanko’s generous donation, Hui Pono Holoholona was able to purchase an Avid scanner

and microchips.  We can now offer to microchip your cats at a low price at our Spay and Neuter Clinic.  With this scanner, we can also scan any lost or stray cats to hopefully return them back to there caregiver.  Please keep your microchip information current because it is useless if you don’t.  Read the next story about Betsy and Mr. Chips.  


Meet Corrine, she has been a Hui Pono Holoholona member from the early beginning.  Helping with fundraisers to weed wacking.  HPH can count on her support.  She is great at spreading the word about HPH’s worthy cause.   Thru thick and thin, her moral support has always been there.  Full of energy and ideas to spread the message for the humane treatment of animals, her positive attitude is a blessing.

Husband Steve and Corrine make organic Honomu Jams & Jellies.  Be sure and look for the Honomu Jams and Jelly at area stores, and check out their website at www.honomujams.com.


Click here for: Just A “few” Adoption  stories. . . . Of Happy Tails.






For the first time Hui Pono Holoholona had a Hawaii County Fair Booth in the Waiakea Butler building.  HPH sponsored a drawing for a free spay/neuter  and 124 entries were filled out for a chance to win.  The fair goers stopped and talked story and enjoyed our Lifesavers and Bubble gum, which reminded them to be a lifesaver to the animals – by having their pets spayed and neutered.  Many were unaware of the fact that over 3 animals an hour are being euthanized at Keaau.   A big Thank you to our volunteers,  Amber, Frannie, Kim, Larry, Inga and Vivian. for giving their time for watching the booth and educating the public about pet sterilization responsibility.  HPH keeps getting the message out to Reduce Animal Overpopulation Humanely – Have Your Pet Spay/Neuter Today

Click Here for County Fair Drawing Winners. . . .  1st and 2nd      Place Winners



Be alert, because this could be happening to your dogs or cats . . .















Before Kathy was Caught in an inhumane pig snare.

Kathy after right leg was amputation

Kathy rehabilitated and recouped from her surgery


 Kathy, was long time resident in a Hawaii Island Trap Neuter Release & Managed Cat Colony,

 Living well and healthy, that is until she was caught in a pig snare and

had to have her right leg amputated.

Kathy found a forever home, and now lives on 10 acres in Texas.

Kathy runs (slower now) and jumps without realizing she is suppose to be handicapped.


Beware!!!  Pig snares are not only illegal, they inflict a horrible injury and slow death

to pigs and other small animals like dogs and cats.  The individual allegedly has been

 setting these traps (unbeknown to everyone) and without permission on county land, Shipman property, and private land here in the Puna district.

It is a horrible site to see an animal missing part of its leg,

struggling to forage for food, and in this case, 3 cats that HPH  is aware of,

have lost their paw as a result from chewing their limb off to free themselves.

  Kathy was an easy catch and received veterinary care, the 2nd cat died  from

massive infection, and the 3rd we are trying to catch as it is leery now of humans.

flagExercise your Petriotic Duty - Spay / Neuter a Cat or Dog

Encouraging the community to Spay & Neuter

by walking in the the Volcano 4th of July Parade. Click Here for Parade Pictures





Meet Tina Bounds HPH new trapper . .




Introducing Kim a new member and caregiver of a HPH cat colony.




Meet the dynamic duo Mother and daughter team . . .

Abigail Santiago & Jane Luce.


Meet Judy Bird,

Trapper and feeder of  HPH cat colony, and an organizer in getting these cat shelters built . . .


Meet the Toellners -Vivian and husband Larry Toellner

Hard working Volunteers.



Even small donations make a difference

HPH has donation boxes located at:  Aloha Vet, Hilo Vet, Kilauea Vet, East Hawaii Vet, Big Island Pet Care, Del’s, Hilo Coffee Mill, Miranda’s, Ed’s Bakery, and Keaau Health Food Store.

***We have more donation boxes to place ***

 if you know of a business willing to have a HPH box please contact us.

Revenue of $832.02 has been collected from these boxes.   

  Mahalo for all your coins and dollar bills.


Return on Investment

So far, 1,012 animals have been spay/neutered with Hui Pono Holoholona’s efforts.

 The veterinarian costs have been $31,706.56, for an average of $31.33 per animal

paid by Hui Pono Holoholona donations from many generous people.

This is a very good community investment, when you consider how many more

 unwanted litters would have resulted if these animals had not been fixed. 

The cost of euthanizing is not free,

spay/neutering is the humane and cost effective way

of reducing animal overpopulation.

Please continue to donate, as all funds go to the animals,

Hui Pono Holoholona is an all volunteer membership. 

We donate our time, money, gas and energy to helping the animals. 

Please help them too.

Donate to:  HPH, PO Box 943, Mt. View HI 96771




Click Here to learn more about Give Aloha to Hui Pono Holoholona in September  

       If you have a Sack N Save Maika'i Cardyou can help Hui Pono Holoholona MORE!

 By making a donation in September with the Give Aloha Program at Sack N Save.



$$$$$$ The Time Value of Money $$$$$

Any amount of money is worth more the sooner it is received

 and this is never truer that when dealing with animal overpopulation. 


A small donation of $35.00 dollars today, will spay/neuter one cat.  J

Far better to receive that small donation today, than $875.00 dollars next year

Why you ask?

Because one female cat and her offspring will easily number 25 cats in one year.

At $35 dollars each, it now costs $875 to fix all 25, let alone feed them !


(Euthanasia is an endless heart breaking, costly taxpayer money drain,

without a humane solution in ending animal overpopulation.)


Please don’t wait, Spay/Neuter Today !

Donate Today !

Proof?  Do the math:  Gestation Period is 65 days. Kittens can go into heat at 5 months.

 January you have One Adult Female Cat = in March 4 Female Kittens are born.

4 Kittens (go into heat as early as 5 months = August and Mother Cat is reproducing too,

each having 4 more kittens = 25 cats needing to be spay/neutered!  Each X = one cat.

January 1X +

March 2X 3X 4X 5X +

October (6X 7X 8X 9X) + (10X 11X 12X 13X) + (14X 15X 16X 17X) +

(18X 19X 20X 21X) + (22X 23X 24X 25X)…. And this is a conservative number !!!!




Adoptions Available Visit our website adoption page.

Or call Frannie Pueo at (808) 968-8279 Many young and mature animals available, for loving forever homes.

Spayed / Neutered of Course!


Special thanks to Mr. Lono Tyson of Dept of Environmental Management Click Here

for meeting with Dr. Kim Kozuma, DVM, Judy Bird and Frannie Pueo









Click Here to Meet Dr. Lyle Brooksby, DVM Ret,


Mahalo to everyone who participated in the HSUS Photo Contest in February 2010,
Through your efforts Hui Pono received $1,291.80 in the global Photo Contest sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States. 19 pets were entered for HPH.   Thank you to their humans:    Athena, Aylin, Blair, Carolyn, Christina, Dene, Janice,  Joan, Joseph, Kimberly, Lorretta, Mandy, Marianneke, Mary Pat, Patria, Sara Beth and Yardley. So on behalf those wonderful pets:      We wish to thank their human friends for entering them and all who voted for them.      We look forward to entering again next year.

****************************** Monthly Membership Meetings
Please come to the general public meetings of Hui Pono Holoholona,
held the second Sunday of the month at 10am, at the Keaau Village Market. 
We are a small dedicated group of volunteers, who can really benefit from your participation.  Please come share your ideas and concerns for the animals

***************************** A member shares a favorite recipe with us.
She prepared this vegetarian dish for Frannie and Vivian, who both really loved it.  Enjoy.

1 ½ cups water
½    teaspoon salt
1     cup couscous
 5    Tbsp olive oil
2     tablespoons green onion, sliced
¼    cup chopped basil leaves 
1     zucchini, small dice
1     small (or ½ ) green, yellow, red, orange bell peppers
5     Tbsp Bragg (find this @ KTA in the Asian food section)
½    teaspoon ground black pepper
2     cloves garlic (crushed through a press)
3     Tbsp currant ( find this @ health food stores, optional)

Directions  for Couscous with Zucchini & Bell Peppers

  1. Bring the water to a boil and add salt to the pot.
  2. Add couscous to boiling water, remove from heat and cover. Let stand 5 minutes.
  3. In a large sauté pan heat  5 tbsp olive oil. Add green onion, basil, zucchini, bell peppers, Bragg, black pepper, garlic and currant (if used). Cook until tender, about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat.
  4. Fluff couscous with fork and fold in vegetables.  Add more olive oil to taste.


White Color, Maneki Neko Lucky Cat, 12

Click Here cruelty to animals, including dogs and cats.
A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals, dogs and cats if the person knowingly or recklessly:
(a) Gives away an animal, dog or cat, or animals, dogs or cats, as a prize or prizes;
(b) Abandons any animal, dog or cat.
There shall be a penalty of not more than $500 for each violation of this section.
(1980, Ord. No. 510, sec. 2; Am. 1986, Ord. 86-34. sec. 2.) www.co.hawaii.hi.us/countycode/chapter04.pdf4-1


Hui Pono Holoholona supports businesses
that encourage animal kindness, adoptions, and TNRM.

Cat colony feeders always need dependable transportation . . . . But Clarence doesn’t drive

Click here for full story


Big Island Toyota is quite animal friendly, please go on line at www.bigislandtoyota.com

We need more businesses like this; that will take in a few homeless four legged employees.  Mahalo.








Donations Needed
Of course money is always in need. 
But we also need you to volunteer your time, energy, talents and possibly some of these items:

Live Animal Traps / Cat Carriers
Dog and Cat Food, Dry and Canned, Cat Litter
Nice yard sale items
20 Folding Tables for Cat Clinics
And we will even be so bold as to ask for 20 acres of land to open a Community Animal Shelter.
[This would be an inter-active animal sanctuary with the community.  Providing an area for:  Youth activities, meetings and teaching guardianship of the Aina (land) and animal/pet responsibility.  Have interaction with our elders, and teachings of Ho’o ponopono (Defusing anger/disputes with dialogue & respecting others.)  Therapeutic animal programs will benefit abused & special needs individuals.]


Mahalo for reading the Punahele Newsletter. 
Hope this has inspired you to spay/neuter your pets if you have not already done so.
Also to become more active in encouraging your family and friends to spay/neuter
and care for their animal humanely.

 If you are very motivated please join us, we need more dedicated individuals. 
We feel in just three years, for this small group to have impacted the lives
of over 1,000 animals, is a very worthy group to become involved in.  Mahalo.

Sincerely, Frannie Pueo, President; Colleen Egbert, Vice President,
Sydney Shigi, Secretary and Vivian Toellner, Treasurer.
Hui Pono Holoholona
PO Box 943
Mt. View, Hawaii 96771
(808) 968-8279