Introducing Kim a new member and caregiver of a HPH cat colony.


kimI grew up with cats, dogs, birds, fish, turtles, guinea pigs, and hamsters.  My two sisters and I get our passion for cats and dogs from our mom, and is getting stronger as I get older.  (Probably as I get more fed up with humans -- but not my Hui Pono family!)  

My sweetie, Steve, and I have 6 cats and 2 dogs in our family.  We came to Hawaii from California in 2005.  We brought with us 3 cats and 1 dog.  

In years past, I caught a few feral cats here and there, had them spayed/neutered, and released them.  I adopted kittens from co-workers, a veterinary clinic where kittens were dropped off, and from the local animal control department.  Those cats are no longer with me.  My biggest rescue was when I lived in an old part of a town where alleys behind the houses had the entrances to garages. As this was a lower income area, there were many more stray cats than anywhere I had lived before.  I and a few neighbors fed them.  In the garage next to mine, a mommy cat had her litter.

      I could not get into the locked garage, nor could the neighbor renting the house.  The mom cat would go in and out of a hole in the door.  Shortly after, my fellow feeders and I moved from the foreclosing duplex, and I took one of the other strays I was feeding, Hanalei (still with us).  I brought food to a nice neighbor man who promised me he

would feed the cats. When I knew the kittens were around 8 weeks old, I rented a trap and sat in my car in the alley, and waited for them to go in the trap.  The mom cat was way too smart for the trap.  There were 5 kittens to trap and I had to make several trips, but fortunately, I caught all the kittens. As I already had 3 cats and was renting, I arranged for a clinic to take them who placed ferals in homes.  They all had eye infections, so that had to clear up first.  First I kept them in a dog crate outside on the porch away from my cats.  The next day, they were all gone -- they had squeezed through the wires! They were all under the raised storage shed.  I had to get them hungry by not feeding for a few days, to get them into the trap again.  One of them was so scared, it ran around and around the perimeter of the yard trying to get over the block wall.  Finally, that kitty made it over, and was gone forever.  I brought the remaining four in and quarantined them to a second bedroom.  They were all so skittish, I would spend half an hour with them three times a day, getting up early before work, coming home for lunch, then staying up late to spend time with them to prepare for their adoptions.  As you can imagine, I grew quite attached to them.   The clinic would not take cats that could not be handled.  Of the four, only one became gentle, tame and trusting--that is "Six Toes".  Three of them are no longer with me. Sadly, Six Toes is my remaining companion from that saga.  

   When we moved to Hawaii, I left behind Pooka due to age and extreme panic when placed in a carrier.  She is with my former husband (he and I had adopted her to begin with). Because Steve and I now had only three cats, it felt empty to me.  

I adopted an adult cat from the humane society.  He was taken by leukemia a short time after.  I was so traumatized; Steve soon surprised me with a kitten from the HS.  One of the cats from the big rescue was very unhappy about kitten Maxwell, and she began to pee on beds and kitchen counters.  She was moved outside, and decided to leave us.  So, we adopted two more, Luci and Harley.  (makes sense, right? one leaves, adopt two more)  Then, I rescued Callie from the highway in Kona.  Now that makes six! 


One of the things about living on Hawaii Island that disturbs me are all the stray cats I see, so I am volunteering, showing my love and compassion for them by helping with Hui Pono Holoholona.   


I am a licensed massage therapist, since 1993.  My goal is to help as many people as possible to improve their health and lives by reducing pain and stress through the healing touch of massage. My office is in Hilo at 321 Kinoole Street. With Thera-Touch Hawaii.  Please come by to see me and have a massage in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.  You will leave refreshed and rejuvenated.  My business phone number is (808)345-3549, and my website is: