Just A “few” Adoption  stories. . . . Of Happy Tails.

Meet Oskie and Betsy – HPH rescues . . . .


Oskie is sitting in the window, hard to tell he was found as a tiny thrown away sickly kitten, with recurring upper respiratory infection and asthma. All he wanted was to be picked up and hugged.  Regiment of medication, and in time he out grew his asthma, and enjoys playing with Dinky another HPH rescue not pictured.  At the door way, Betsy keeps looking for her owners James and Pamela who had her Microchip through HIHS and that information in no longer current.  HPH called all the veterinarian offices on this island, and  Googled to no avail in finding Betsy’s pals.  So please keep your micro-chip information current, locally with HIHS, as well as through Avid.  Suggest that you do so every 3 months.





mrchipsMr. Chip’s microchip was done through Keaau HIHS, and they have lost his owner’s information.  Unfortunately, mistakes happen, another example on the importance of keeping your phone, address information current with any agent that you micro-chipped your pet with.
HPH paid to have Mr. Chips picture in the Hawaii Tribune Herald, including posting flyers throughout the community, hoping to connect with his owner.  No success.   HPH found him a forever safe home with Helen.  Helen says Mr. Chips and her other adoptee (s) enjoy their home.  When she moved to Texas all her (fur-family) went with her.


Meet ‘Ānela
Meet Rosie and cute Tortie kitten she adopted from HPH and named her ‘Ānela (Hawaiian for angel) ‘Ānela is most unique in markings, and loads of personality.  Ānela, is a constant talker, (which made her hard to place) but Rosie opened her heart for this little throw away.   Rosie at first was not sure if she was emotionally ready to adopt another cat, as her special buddy was recently killed by a neighbors dog (since moved), and she was still grieving over this loss.  Fortunately, Rosie called for a meeting with this kitten, and at the moment they met, instantly bonded as long time pals. ‘Ānela is a communicator and a busy body in a nice way, as she makes friends easy with everyone, including Rosie’s Chihuahuas, and the bigger dog. ‘Ānela  in playfulness attacks the big dogs leg, and he looks down at her with a “good grief” expression, and walks away while she is still  holding on.   Rosie says when ‘Ānela wants to sleep, that means everyone has to keep quiet, or she lets out some “Meow-Meow –to everybody – to keep quiet - go to bed scolding! I want to sleep!” (Did we say she was spoiled?)



Here’s Bebe….. Happy Tails . . .

bebeFrom Frannie Pueo   -  As I was driving down busy Hwy 11,  a dog caught my eye.  Her head was peering through the tall grass as if she was pondering whether to cross to the other side of the road.  With concern that this dog would be hit, I turned around and stopped to see if it would come to me, instead it cowered away.  It was apparent that this dog was sick, with a swollen belly and ribs protruding.  It took a lot of assurance to convince her that my intentions were good, with a calming voice, food and water. Finally, with an hour passing and the sun beating down on us, she let
me close enough to place a leash on her.  Off we went to Dr. Castro, and he found that she had an infection of the uterus which happens with unaltered animals.  Bebe’s temperature was 104, requiring immediate surgery (hysterectomy).  Bebe recovered just fine from her surgery, but it took time to convince her, that her new home with me was safe, and she would never be hurt or abused.


Meet Miss Gorgeous Serena…..
Serena, a feral, was adopted when a kitten by Janetha Brooksby.
She loves her new home, and still very independent.  With all the attention bestowed
on her, she walks to the edge of her property to shine (taunt) her beauty to the
neighbor’s dogs, as if to say, “Look Big Boys”, aren’t I gorgeous?”.
Then marauders into her home looking for those special treats that Janetha is
trained to have upon her request, or play time with her toys.


danMeet Dumpster Dan . . . with beautiful blue eyes, albino pink skin, and pure white in color were a hint that he might be deaf, and he is.  
dan2Dumpster Dan was found as a kitten, under a dumpster in Keaau.  He was not a stray, sadly much too often in this community he was a “Throw away”.   Starving from lack of care and food, Judy Bird, his rescuer brought him to the NeuterScooter, and small as he was, was tested and neutered in hopes in finding him a home.  The NeuterScooter is a place where all kindhearted animal people come together for the greater good for the animals.  Through Cathy Zenz, having her cats S/N, saw Dumpster Dan and knew he needed a special caregiver.  Adopted by Margaret seen holding him, opened her home and heart to this special fellow with plenty of hugs full of patience, love, and understanding to his special needs.


A unique “ tail” of a kitty finding his home again.
  Meet Toby…….
tobyToby was in one of HPH –Trap – Neuter- Return- and Manage cat colonies.   Toby had a story that he was trying to share with us humans. His longing stare, his patient sitting for any stopped car as
if he was looking for someone in particular, and it turned out that
he was.  Toby once did have a home, but was abducted and dumped.  
His owner, did not know how to find him, and presumed he was lost for over a year.  Colleen, one of the TNRM feeders, adopted him to her home and just by chance met his owner who lives in the same subdivision.  Two people sharing cat stories discovered the cat they were talking about was the same fellow (Toby) and he is now back with his owner who never gave up hope in finding him.   A suggestion:  If your cat or dog is missing – Place flyers within your neighborhood, at all the veterinarian clinics, on shopping center bulletin boards, store windows, and in the paper.  You can also mail or email the animal’s picture to us, and we will post it on our website.  

More adoption stories . . .

tiger   Meet Tiger another HPH rescue; he was thrown away cruelly
with a broken back and found dragging his body in the overgrowth, starving, fearful of humans that would inflect more pain to him and unable to defend himself from other cats. 
He is a special needs kitty, as he has no control over his bowels, but he does enjoy his life without pain and learning how to walk again.
He enjoys hugs, food, his own special bedding, and playing with OT his buddy.  You’ll find them wrestling and tagging each other in “catch me if you can gamesJ”.  OT another rescue gently plays with Tiger, as if, he knows that Tiger is special.  Tiger has progressed remarkably; he can now walk on his hind legs, flat footed on the base of his heels instead of the toe pads.  Time with therapy will tell whether he will ever walk normally. 


Meet Lucky, As a puppy he was abandoned at the dump,
and Mr. Charles Akana found and gave him a forever home.
Lucky is really lucky, as a puppy his mischief got him into allot of trouble.
But Mr. Akana remains patient and understands puppies will be puppies.