Special thanks to Mr. Lono Tyson of Dept of Environmental Management

for meeting with Dr. Kim Kozuma, DVM, Judy Bird and Frannie Pueo concerning the continued care of a HPH Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage cat colony

in an area of concern, where our successful program was in jeopardy of being eliminated.

HPH presented all the scientific data supporting TNRM of cat colonies ongoing in other communities throughout this nation

as well as other countries as the most effective and economically way of decreasing animal overpopulation humanely

without resorting to round up kills.


HPH also presented for the last ten years, the ongoing horribly high and morally unacceptable

euthanasia number at our own Hawaii Island Humane Society.

  If everyone spay/neutered their pets, there would be no healthy animals to kill at the shelter.


We also showed the comparison of what it was like in this area before our program started,

 and the positive support from the workers there.  We opened our records for review

showing at that time that HPH had spay/neuter over 570 animals within this community,

and the many adoptions of abandon animals.  If HPH can prevent unwanted animal births

in our neighborhoods through affordable sterilization, there would be no animals to abandon,

 no animals to abuse, the euthanasia numbers would drastically decline,

and there would be more homes for placing them.


Mr. Lono Tyson also arranged for a second meeting on site with Michael Dworsky and

 Samuel Kalua of the Solid Waste Division, and Travis Olson of the Recycle Division. 

Ms. Judy Bird, Charlie Akana and I were able to address any and all concerns on the continued care for these animals,

and a stated and accepted protocol of what is expected from HPH.


Hui Pono Holoholona has spay/neutered 99.9 % of the cats within this area, found homes

 in the last three years for over 350 animals, and the kitten births are at a zero. 

The animals under this program are scanned for any micro-chips and homes are found

for the overly friendliest.  HPH monitors these animals not only with food/water and shelter,

 but also medicates,  de-worm/de-flea, and when necessary removes the sick.

The caregivers truly care for these animals That are not feral(s),

but abandon animals that we call “domestic betrayed”.


It’s a joint effort to turn this community into a more humane society.

As Mahatma Gandhi said

“the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how its animals are treated.”