For the first time Hui Pono Holoholona had a Hawaii County Fair Booth in the Waiakea Butler building.  HPH sponsored a drawing for a free spay/neuter  and 124 entries were filled out for a chance to win.  The fair goers stopped and talked story and enjoyed our Lifesavers and Bubble gum, which reminded them to be a lifesaver to the animals – by having their pets spayed and neutered.  Many were unaware of the fact that over 3 animals an hour are being euthanized at Keaau.   A big Thank you to our volunteers,  Amber, Frannie, Kim, Larry, Inga and Vivian. for giving their time for watching the booth and educating the public about pet sterilization responsibility.  HPH keeps getting the message out to Reduce Animal Overpopulation Humanely – Have Your Pet Spay/Neuter Today

County Fair Drawing Winners. . . .  1st and 2nd      Place Winners


Denny holding “Põp☺ki”, (Hawaiian means Cat).  1st prize winner, Põpoki the cat, enjoys his life with less stress after being neutered.  No longer driven by overload of testosterone, which would have driven him to wander to mate and/or pick fights, is now relaxing and enjoying paradise.
Animals don’t have the will power like us humans to say, “Not interested, or have a headache”.  Both male and female reproductive chemistry drives them bonkers and relentless to mate.  An unaltered female in heat, will constantly meow for her mate(s) and she will spread her urine now scented with hormones as a calling card for any passing unaltered male to find her.  A male too is driven by his chemistry of high testosterone urges; he becomes restless, wanders long distances, and is aggressive towards turf battles with other males.  It is not uncommon to find aggressive males, with multiple wounds of scratches or bites that could lead to infection or death.    Cats and dogs live happier, healthier, and longer lives when they are spay/neutered. 

max2Testimony of our 2nd County Fair   

 Prize winner…The Pratt Family

Hi!   This is a picture of Breena Pratt and Max.

Max is a Spaniel mix and he absolutely adores Breena.  He was Breena's Christmas present last year.  Because of some financial trouble we were not able to get Max neutered.  It was really hard.

We have an older female dog who is much bigger than Max and he was trying to be dominant.  He caused all kinds of trouble in the house, making a lot of messes to the point that he was outside on a leash all the time.  We were ready to give him away.

Only the fact that my daughter loved him so much kept him with us.  When we went to the fair and entered the drawing to win a free neuter I was really praying.  I knew my husband was ready to give Max away and I didn't want that to happen.

Now that Max has been fixed he is an all new dog.  He is much calmer, doesn't attack the other dog and

doesn't make messes. He sleeps at night in bed with Breena and he has become a fun member of our family.   Thank you again for this wonderful gift!    Brenda Pratt