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Cat colony feeders always need dependable transportation . . . . But Clarence doesn’t drive

Albert & Kellyalbert kelly

Clarence a rescue and mascot


If you are cat colony feeder, then you know having, good transportation is necessary.  So if you are thinking of buying a new or used car…….let me share my story.  It all started with my 20 year old Chevy Blazer rusting so bad that parts were falling off on the highway.  As a 4-wheel drive, it was getting only 19 miles to the gallon which amounts to a fortune every month.   So with limited monies and my wish list on what my new used car had to have, like 4 doors for easy access to the pet food, a station wagon (to fit all my live traps for T-N-R-M program), pet carriers, good on gas (at least 25 plus per mile), and reliability of a good working car with no problems (at least for a long time), as I feed a cat colony, and trap in the day and late at night as well. 

     Figuring to take it slow, as the “right” car would appear.  I thought, buying it directly from the owner, might be better than going through a car dealer, no lemons for me!  Boy was I wrong on that one!   So this is what happened….
I bought a station wagon that was perfect according to my dream wish, from a friend of a friend.  In less than 5 days, when going up the mountain highway towards home, it started to heavily smoke from under the car.  It turned out that the Transmission needed more work than what the car was worth.  It was devastating as the person I purchased it from was out of the country, and the question was, “Would he return my monies?” 

   In the meantime, still without my dream car, my search began again, including going to various used car dealers here in Hilo.  Somehow, I found myself looking at a station wagon at Big Island Toyota, and their sales person Mr. Albert Watanabe approached me as a potential customer.  He listened carefully to my needs in a vehicle, including what the vehicle would be used for Hui Pono Holoholona organization, and how HPH helps animals and the community.  He did not flinch or run away, when I mentioned my very limited budget and what I could only afford to pay, including my loss on the purchase of the car from a friend of a friend. 

   Mr. Watanabe and I took a test drive, and yes up mountains and valleys and this car drove solid, kept in excellent condition by the previous owner and for a 10 year old car, and the odometer was less than 47,000 miles on it. This dealership has a long standing good reputation in our community, scrutinizes all cars and if it is not up to their high standards; it gets auctioned off to other car dealers.  This station wagon of my dreams ran quiet, handled solid, looked terrific inside and outside, zero rust, and my fear of buying another lemon subsided.    
With special and sincere thanks to Mr. Albert Watanabe and Mr. Kelly Rita, (no doubt at their commission loss) who took all consideration in what HPH organization does, cut the sales price times four making it below the blue book value, and priced it to what I could afford to pay. 

It turns out, that Big Island Toyota is quite animal friendly, please go on line at  or stop in at their Kona dealership to see Clarence their four-legged mascot and salesperson.   Seems Clarence once a throw away stray cat came onto their lot and hid in a vehicle engine.  Poor Clarence got his tail caught in an engine, and these wonderful caring people did the right thing by giving Clarence a second chance in life by taking him to a Veterinarian for most of his tail had to be amputated, and neutered him at the same time.  They also gave him a forever home as mascot at their Kona dealership, with lots of caring people that are his family now.  Mahalo Big Island Toyota!
We need more businesses like this that are becoming more sensitive to the plight of the Abandoned animals in our community and Clarence is a statement for animal kindness.