It’s against the law to abandon any animal, dog or cat.  143-2.6 (Hawaii) Animal desertion – Penalty up to $500.00.  So if you see any one dumping animals, it is against the law, so write the license plate number, description of vehicle and person, time of day and call this into the police at Crimestoppers 955-8300, Non emergency Complaints 935-3311 and HIHS at 966-5458 or 935-5577.
Having a telephone camera really helps here.

Hawaii County Code  Section 4-17. Cruelty to animals, including dogs and cats.
A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals, dogs and cats if the person knowingly or recklessly:
(a) Gives away an animal, dog or cat, or animals, dogs or cats, as a prize or prizes;
(b) Abandons any animal, dog or cat.
There shall be a penalty of not more than $500 for each violation of this section.
(1980, Ord. No. 510, sec. 2; Am. 1986, Ord. 86-34. sec. 2.)

Applause to the Fern Acres Subdivision in Mountain View on the Big Isle, for taking a stand against animal cruelty with this banner placed at the entrance of the subdivision.  Not only was it an education tool, it will also help stop the blatant animal cruelty that was ongoing.  Unfortunately, this banner was too easy to remove was stolen, undaunted by this, there now stands a sign high up on a metal pole.   


 You too, can make a difference by being intolerant to animal cruelty in you community or subdivision.  If you live in a subdivision with a Neighborhood Watch, be supportive, go to the meetings and speak up.  Don’t be indifferent!  Did you know that animal cruelty is learned behavior, and studies show that it leads to domestic child, woman, elder family abuse!  So speak up against any form of abuse, whether to animals or humans.  It’s time to reclaim our community into a kinder and responsible community.  And it all starts with you!  “Abandoning an animal and or abusing an animal is illegal per county and state law!