Touched by an Angel . . .  Dr. Lyle Brooksby, DVM Ret,

was born and raised on the Arizona Strip. From the age of eight he worked on his father’s ranch as a cowboy. 

Not an easy life. As a professional he wore many hats:  that of a rancher, a pilot, a teacher training aviation pilots, an author of seven western books, and a veterinarian.  His veterinarian practice ranged from the Arizona Strip. For Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, Oahu, Maui, and now in Puna. 

He and his wife Janetha (right hand assistant) are dedicated to decreasing animal overpopulation humanely by offering their Spay/Neuter skills to the community through HPH. Over 380 cats have been spay/neutered with them, at no charge for their professional services to our Trap-Neuter-Return and Manage cat colonies.   

HPH pays for all the supplies, medications, etc., and that’s why your donations are so important.  HPH is an all volunteer organization, and that too helps in keeping the cost down at an average of $31.33 per cat.  Each animal gets a wellness check, antibiotic, a vaccination, de-flea with spray or topical, ears cleaned for mites, and ear tipped depending on the caregivers choice to do so. 

We call Dr. Brooksby, Dr. Angel because no other description befits him. Both Dr. “Angel” and Mrs. “Angel”- Janetha Brooksby are kind hearted kindred spirits for the better treatment of the animals in our community.  Many retirees do give back into the community, and how lucky we are to have these two wonderful, compassionate humane beings donating their time, talents, advice, and professional medical skills for the feral and backyard cat colonies.  Why? It is the right thing to do.  Throughout this nation, and state, people are reclaiming their community from a catch and kill with your tax dollars to a responsible humane society embracing T-N-R-M which is scientifically proven to be the most effective and less costly in decrease animal overpopulation. 

Without hesitation, our kapunas like the Brooksby’s are our local heroes in helping the animals, and for all of us that deeply care for these animals.    All spay/neuter surgeries are by appointment only, and HPH has a waiting list.  The need for these services are great, and we wish other retired veterinarians would be inspired by these two special individuals to also “kõkua” donate their services, or for our local veterinarians to donate once a month or every three months a free spay/neuter clinic for the feral felines.    In partnership, HPH would pay for all the medication, IV solution, sutures, etc, we just ask for their surgical skills.  If everyone spay/neutered their pets, there would be no healthy animals to kill at the humane society, no animals abandoned, and very few cases of animal abuse.