Toni ThomsonToni Thomson is a champion - an educator and a firm believer in Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage of cat colonies. She was born May 13, 1923, retired and moved here with her husband from Long Island, New York in 1982. Retired? Never when her heart and conscience would not allow the continued senseless round up to kill animals. Looking for humane solutions for the cats at Kalani Retreat, contacted Hui Pono Holoholona for help with our spay/neuter clinic's. She then organized her group, and set in motion a successful T-N-R-M program there. She drives the long distance from her home meeting with her helpers, to help set the live humane traps to catch the cats scheduled to be spay/neutered for HPH low cost/no cost S/N clinic's. Remarkable as she is for her 90 years, she also is one of our volunteers at our clinic's. This is a no nonsense, bright, kind, charming, very focused champion for the rights of animals. She is an advocate for animals humane treatment and for their continued co-existence with us human(e)s. Her cat colony now spay/neutered (population under control) keeps the rat population at zero without the use of poisons. A true win-win! So what's your excuse? Ask yourself this: Are you of the human race of constant round up to kill mentality, or are your of the humane race that embrace better solutions like a T-N-R-M program? Some of you already are very active in your own T-N-R-M colony programs, and you too are equally super! Its not easy to be a caregiver, as rain, shine, or storms never stop us from going out daily to feed. Just wanted to share her story with you, if you missed the posting on our HPH website. It is a privilege for me to have met, know, and work with Toni the Tiger Thomson, an unsung hero for the rights of 90, a path finder for a better and kinder tomorrow for all of us. Sincerely yours, Frannie Pueo, Pres. HPH.

Mahalo catcertificateHui Pono Holoholona had the privilege of attending the 90th Birthday Celebration for Toni Thomson. Toni Thomson Trail DedicatedWe were all surprised to learn Kalani Retreat had been busy preparing a new nature trail to be named in her honor. Toni is a long time volunteer for the Kalani nonprofit.

Thomson TrailFriend to AnimalsToni is a firm believer in TNRM, she fought for change, instead of rounding up and turning in the cats to be euthanized she coordinated a group of volunteers to start a TNRM - Trap Neuter Release & Manage cat colony. She has posted a feeding schedule where each feeder indicates their turn and designated a location for storage of food and supplies. This amazing lady is going strong at 90, still driving, still making a difference in the lives of others. Toni is a Tiger for TNRM.