Remember this guy?  He use to be what they would call "a feral" because he was wild like.  Never believe it today of him ...see him sleeping contently.  He was the one that was caught in a snare and showed up at station 1, with only the bone skeleton for a tail see picture. Survivior tail

 A special story…. He is what too many would have called a feral or wild cat.  He showed up one day at one of our feed stations under our Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage cat colonies.  In the overgrowth he could be seen sneaking a peek at our daily volunteer feeders filling the food plates, hungry but to afraid of being hurt to come forward to eat.  Eventually, he found the courage to come to eat, but always keeping a distance from any humans.

Then he disappeared for a week, and the feeders were concern what could of happen to him?  Until, one day he showed up thin, in shock from his injury, scared and fiercely hungry.  Apparently he had been trapped in a snare, all the skin and muscle was stripped with only the bone skeleton of a tail remaining.

Knowing I had only one chance to catch him, I went to my car where I always come prepared with a Humane Trap, drop trap and a special made animal net.  From past experience I knew I only had one chance to catch him, and did so with the net while his back was turned from me.  With his strong will to survive he made every attempt to break free of the net before I could get him into a carrier. 

He received immediate amputation of most of his tail, and in time recovered fully. Yet during this time he associated me as just another human that would hurt him as others had. 

When fully recovered he came to HPH's new animal sanctuary called PAWS, and was placed in one of the 10 ft by 30 ft kennels.  After a month’s stay and acclimated that his new home was a safe place, he was allowed out.  At first he disappeared, then one day he showed up at the office door and then decided to make his special place under the school bus on the property. 

Every morning, or whenever I step out of the Bus (converted into my new home) he is there to greet me, and then he hurriedly greets all the other kitties by rubbing their foreheads with his.  His little one inch part of his tail that remains, wiggles with joy.  He has turned into a  loveable, friendly happy guy (allowing me to pet him), and so appreciative of his new home.

He doesn't go far from the office, or from under the bus.  Thought you'd like to know how he survived such a traumatic painful ordeal of the snare and then being caught by net. He is giving us humans a second chance, by trusting me. Frannie

survivor tail before