A Hawaiian seahorse male can grow to 10" in the wild, unless he’s doomed to death in 2 weeks—in transport to PETCO and beyond for another $50 ch ching ch ching. NOTE the seahorse belly bulge. He’s ready to foal, to support reef balance in Hawaii or PETCO’s bottom line. What would you prefer?

To learn more about the plite of Hawaii's ocean animals go to www.forthefishes.org

savethefish seahorse

Did you know that Petco is buying our Hawaiian precious wild/reef life? Did you know that all the animals harvested do not live long enough to arrive to their destination? Did you know that this animal born in the wild, if it survives will land up in someone fishbowl? This animal was born free and should stay free!!! Please tell Petco to stop raping our reefs for profit and greed.

    In March, 2012, this Hawaiian seahorse lives under the protection of beachside humans who look out for reef thieves with nets and buckets--location strictly secret. PETCO sells sick & dying seahorses in its Kona store. PETCO sells sick & dying yellow tangs in its Maui store. PETCO IS TRAFFICKING IN MARINE WILDLIFE ACROSS HAWAII & THE CORAL TRIANGLE AND MUST STOP NOW! Email Petco CEO Jim Meyers, jimm@petco.com or his Administrative assistant Sue Speelman, sues@petco.com

   How does the PETCO BOYCOTT become OCCUPY PETCO? To date the response has been from across the nation in outrage that is likely unknown by PETCO holding companies. I.e., in 2006 two private equity firms with billions in assets—Texas Pacific Group (TPG, Dallas) and Leonard Green & Partners (LGP, LA) acquired PETCO. 

    Enhancing value of a corporate asset for an initial public offering (IPO) can take a while. A sinking economy in 2008 required holding patterns on some assets until recovery, when an IPO might regain value. But in the money undertow is a crosscurrent of animal-rights emotion. WE ARE ADVISED that private equity firms are acutely sensitive to image. Last week PETCO’s Kaneohe, Hawaii store was charged with severing a dog’s ear in grooming and trying to glue it back onto the dog. Another dog went home with bloody claw stumps and a 3rd dog suffered scrotal mutilation. Trafficking in marine wildlife to pump the bottom-line is also bad grooming. PETCO is confusing green behavior with the color of moolah, changing from an asset to a liability. Bad publicity kills business. On a potential IPO, lost value can run hundreds of million$. Please make the private equity holding companies aware of PETCO’s destructive policies. Email TPG’s managing partners: William Price III at william.price@tpg.com  David Bonderman at dbonderman@tpg.com James Coulter at james.coulter@tpg.com Richard Boyce at richard.boyce@tpg.com John Viola at john.viola@tpg.com Jerome Vascellaro at jerome.vascellaro@tpg.com Richard Schifter at richard.schifter@tpg.com Randy Swayne at randy.swayne@tpg.com     TPG is at 301 Commerce St., Ft. Worth, TX 76102  (817) 871-4000

     LGP’s managing partner on PETCO’s board of directors is John Danhakl at (310) 954-0444, danhakle@leonardgreen.com  John said, “But I love reefs.” NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD WOMEN & MEN TO OCCUPY THE HOLDING COMPANIES!

 PLEASE FORWARD--IT'S WORKING! Rest assured, we can turn this:

www.forthefishes.org has a website & is on facebook too.