Hui Pono Holoholona has an ad in the paper for a donation of property (which can be a tax write off), or to purchase the acres with the monies we have available (via a donation towards our goals) of $60,000.  Or both, for example if the value of the property is more than $60,000, then the remaining value could be part of the donation.

Our hopes are many with the purchase of large acreages to set in motion the multiple programs our organization has long wanted to provide for the community and for the animals.

Our plan is to build a low cost/no costs spay/neuter facility on the property for dogs and cats.  This would provide to the community the only long term method to humanely decrease animal overpopulation.  Scientific data indicates that animal overpopulation leads to animal abuse, animal abandonment, and the first strike to women, child and elder abuse.

 Providing such a service will also decreases the high on-going euthanasia of healthy animals at the humane society which has plagued this community for decades. 

Our HPH organization goals are many which would include a teaching facility on-sight for the pre-veterinarian students at the University of Hawaii -Hilo, offer visiting Veterinarians from this state as well from the mainland to donate their S/N services to our community that is economically hard hit.

We have held many of these Spay/Neuter clinic’s throughout the years, but each time it has been difficult finding a suitable facility.  We have had hosted S/N clinic’s with our local island Veterinarians, a few from Oahu, as well as Dr. Peavy with the Neuter Scoter.  Our record is proven as we have provided over 2,000 S/N for dogs and cats.

As you can see our hopes and goals are many, as we would provide a no-kill animal sanctuary, educational programs of pet responsibility, animal agility competition, etc., including taking in pets temporarily for families needing to leave abusive homes that otherwise would not leave their pets behind, because safe housing does not accepts pets.

On Oahu in Waimanalo, many years ago, I was a volunteer for a horse therapeutic program that benefited abused children.  The horses, the staff, the safe environment provided helped these children reclaim their self-esteem, and gave them tangible coping skills for a better future. 

This too our organization wants to provide, working with psychologist to help abused children, the handicap, and our soldiers with P-T-S-D.  The acres would allow pasture space for the horses.  Each horse requires 2 acres, so we would be able to designate more acres for pasture.

The teaching of Ho’o ponopono is a most invaluable teaching program taught by our elders (kapuna’s) for our youth.  It’s learning self-control skills to negotiating and defuses disagreements with respect and consideration to others through dialogue instead of uncontrolled temper that potentially leads to physical violence, and endless cycle of abuse that could lead to incarceration to our island prisons.

Our budget is extremely tight; other cost to us would be in bulldozing and electric pole hook ups, and building the S/N facility, etc.  We would do additional fundraising to offset these additional cost factors.

Since your property is valued more, would you consider donating that value as a tax write off at the full appraised market value as a charitable donation to Hui Pono Holoholona? 

If you were to consider such a donation we would be honored to name the Spay/Neuter facility in the name of your choice as a living legacy to someone special to you or to your family. 

It’s understandable that you prefer full money value for your property, but I just had to write to you and ask for your consideration of your property donation, and it never hurts to ask for a miracle!

Always with Aloha

Respectively yours,

Frannie Pueo, Pres. Hui Pono Holoholona,
P.O. Box 943, Mt. View, Hi 96771
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This ad is running in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald newspaper.