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Season's Greetings  from Hui Pono Holoholona / PAWS - Pono Animal Way Sanctuary.  What a great year 2015 has been! Your donations and the selfless, dedicated volunteers made all we do possible as we continue providing low cost / no cost Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats as the one and only viable solution to decrease animal overpopulation humanely, address animal abandonment, and decrease euthanasia of healthy pets at the humane society.  Please continue your financial support to our programs!

MAHALOS - Our list of Mahalos is endless .....for the Veterinarians "giving their time generously and their compassionate care” for the animals:   Dr. Rodrigues, Dr. Horvath, Dr. Castro, Dr. San Filippo, Dr. Seeske.  Our volunteer Vet Techs who, with their assistance, make our sponsored low/no cost clinic’s possible: Mikki, Amber, Laurence and volunteers giving of their time freely and making a positive “pono” difference for the animal(s) and for our community.

UNSUNG HERO - There is an amazing volunteer hero that stands out from the rest and enlightens our way in being better advocates for Trap-Neuter-Return, for she has a cat colony at Kalani that she manages.  At 92 + years old, Toni Thomson brings kitties she traps to our clinic and stays as a volunteer ! That's a wow !

MEDIA HYPE - Of recent, there has been a lot of media hype against cats and against TNR cat colonies as the sole carriers of the microorganism, Toxoplasma gondii, that causes toxoplasmosis. The media has also blamed cats primarily and indirectly responsible for killing our monk seals.  What is not being stated is that the protozoan parasite infects wild and domestic animals including birds, cats, dogs, sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, poultry, rats and mice and yes humans also, as we can be carriers by eating uncooked meat.  So how does the Monk Seal get infected? Well mostly from waste or brown water dumped into our coastal waters. Think about it.  Multiple animal species, all excreting feces, are to blame and not just feline feces.  So do we go out and kill every animal species which are carriers, including humans?  Of course not! Humans, in reality,  are responsible for raw sewage dumping and untreated run offs, and we are blaming felines. 

1392413119236.jpgEDUCATION -  We-walk-the-talk with information booths whenever and wherever we can because we strongly believe it is important to get the word out on the importance of spay/neuter, on being pet responsible, and how to stop animal abuse.  We are out in the community, at the Community Fair, and various farmers markets, and stand up and speak before our County Council, as well as our Hawaii State Legislatures, for better animals     
protection laws.

OUR CLINICS - We have been asked why we don’t have 100 cats per Veterinarian per clinic as the other animal organization do.  We feel our felines, whether someone’s pet or from a back yard cat colony, deserves the very best, one to one care and our Veterinarians (average 25 cats per clinic each) are not hurried or rushed so they can provide that care. 


INVESTMENT IN YOUTHWe believe it is critical that we invest in our youth, our future. If you know of a teenager or young adult with interest in animal husbandry, please have them contact us to attend our clinics. They will observe our entire process from registration to post-surgery care.  They can observe the surgeries including pre-op and post-op procedures.  They will be able to ask the Veterinarian for helpful suggestions towards their career goals. It will be an experience they won’t soon forget. 



Pono Animal Way Sanctuary (PAWS) – We are committed for the long haul to make these 20 acres all it can be by combining people and animals together as one in harmony through a variety of programs, including a horse therapeutic program, a spay/neuter surgical facility on site, a sustainable farm, and a forever home for special needs animals.  We have the land, but it takes dedicated selfless individuals like you to volunteer with your time: we need muscle power for fencing and buildings, and akamai know how helping us to obtain grants for cost of building material and supplies in making PAWS VISION a reality. " Basically we are a diamond in the very  rough " and presently only have a few 10 by 30 foot feline kennels that are for our current rescues which we are always hopeful to find them forever homes.


pp2.jpgBe the voice for the animals: Did you know that the County written contract for animal control for Humane Society is written up by our own County Agency and then the almost $2 million contract is up for public bidding? Did you know you as a county taxpayer have a right to say what provisions must be stated within this written contract and that you have the power to amend the contract by contacting your County Council Representative? 

 WHY is this important? Presently the contract fails cats because it does not mandate they be treated fairly as dogs are in terms of providing equal amount of kennel space as dogs have. Also, dogs have at least a 24 hour holding period before being euthanized. Cats can be euthanized as soon as their paws enter their facility. In fact, we strongly request that the hold period for any healthy animal brought in, cat or dog, be mandated to a minimum of 36 hours or longer before they are considered to be euthanized!  
Did you know that a scared petrified pet cat’s behavior might mimic a wild feral cat and because of that could be euthanized immediately before the pet owner can claim their precious pet?
Almost weekly we have calls asking us to take in their cats because they are moving off island or for other reasons and know if they take the cat in to our Humane Society they will be killed because there is no mandated hold time for cats and limited kennel space for these felines.  The friendliest and prettiest felines are most likely held for adoption.  This is, indirectly and possibly in part, the reason why so many cats are being abandoned in our community.  Sadly people think the cat has a better chance to survive living off of rats in the wild than being taken to any of the County humane society’s facility. Cats are very domesticated and probability will starve to death when abandoned. 
Please know it is morally wrong and a criminal act of cruelty to abandon any animal, so We are reaching out to each and every one of you to be the voice for positive change for the animals in our community. Contact your County Council Representative and get this contract amended ASAP!  Visit our website for contact information and suggestions ............:
To all who donated their time to make our clinics, our yard sales, and here at PAWS successful, “a million Mahalos”. For those who donated monies, you helped us to continue to provide low cost/no cost spay/neuter for dogs and cats to those otherwise unable to afford that cost for the animals they care for.  Please continue your generous support !     We wish you, your family and your animal companions a joyous safe Christmas and New Year!
paws wordsmy santa.jpg ****Our gift to you is a downloadable 2016 Holiday Cat Calendar starring our Spay and Neuter clients
www.hphhawaii.orgAlways with Aloha from all of us here                                                                 at  Hui Pono Holoholona/PAWS